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A look at the dashboard of the Jibble accountant time and billing software
  • A man working and calculating something on his calculator.

    Time tracking and billing can be taxing

    Let Jibble handle it for you

    You already have a lot on your plate, between preparing budget forecasts, managing balance sheets, and conducting financial audits for your clients. Let’s not add time tracking and billing to the mix. With the Jibble time and billing software for accountants, you can streamline your workflow and focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional financial services.

  • Using Jibble's time clock app from 3 devices

    Easily track billable hours

    Anytime, anywhere, and on any device

    Keep up with your billable hours easily, no matter where your accounting services take you. Jibble’s time and billing software for accountants ensures you can track time on the go, allowing you and your team to stay flexible and productive. Access the Jibble app seamlessly on your iPhone or Android device, or opt for the web app or Google Chrome extension when working on your laptop or desktop.

  • Calculating worked hours by activities, projects or clients on time tracking software

    Know where those hours are going

    Track time against activities or clients

    Take control of your projects and clients by configuring activity and project settings within Jibble’s time and billing software. Your team can then easily track their work hours to specific activities, whether they’re working on financial reports or having client meetings. This way, you can bill your clients with confidence.

    Set up projects and clients
  • Jibble integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams

    Stay in sync

    With Slack and MS Teams time tracking

    Clock in, track time, and manage tasks without missing a beat—all within your preferred messaging tool. We blend into your workflow, not the other way around. The reason why so many accountants love jibble!

  • Customizable Overtime Settings

    Overtime happens (especially during tax season)

    …but managing it shouldn't be complicated

    Make sure all those extra hours are accounted for and billed accordingly. Explore multiple overtime settings tailored to your accounting firm’s needs. Set custom overtime rates, weekly limits, and more. Jibble’s time tracking software is seamlessly linked to timesheets, enabling precise overtime calculations based on your preferences.

    Overtime tracker
  • Detailed timesheet showing ready payroll -Arabic

    Bill on time and accurately

    With automated timesheets

    By automating timesheets, Jibble eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that you bill your clients based on actual work hours. This not only enhances accuracy but also expedites the billing cycle, allowing you to invoice clients promptly.

  • Approve or reject timesheets

    Streamline timesheet approvals

    Ensure your team's timesheets are on track

    Jibble’s timesheet approvals feature allows you to validate your employees’ timesheets quickly. Easily approve, view incoming timesheets, and keep track of all past approvals in one convenient space. Enhance your workflow efficiency further by swiftly approving multiple timesheets at once.

    Pay periods and approvals
  • Jibble time tracking software integrations with different platforms

    Seamless integrations

    For all your billing needs

    Jibble seamlessly integrates with your favorite accounting software, including Xero, QuickBooks Online, Deel, and other widely used applications. This means you can easily carry over client data, streamlining your billing and invoicing processes with precision.

  • Jibble dashboard showcasing time tracked in graphs and piecharts

    Wondering what everyone's up to?

    Find out via the Jibble dashboard

    Jibble’s dashboard gives you the real-time lowdown on who’s in, who’s out, and who’s working on what. Track hours by organization, group, schedule, or location with just a glance. Want to focus on specific timeframes? Use filters to tailor your dashboard charts by day, current week, or the entire current month.

    Manage your team on the dashboard
  • Accurate time and attendance tracking in offline mode

    The internet isn't always reliable

    Thankfully Jibble is

    It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, working from home, or hopping between client meetings – Jibble lets you track your time without needing a strong internet connection. And don’t worry about losing any time data; once you’re back online, Jibble automatically syncs everything to the cloud, ensuring no minute is lost.

    Offline time tracking
  • Detailed-reporting-and-analytics

    Transform time records into powerful insights

    Reporting made simple and powerful

    Delve deeper into your team’s work hours through customized reports and visual charts. Filter, sort, and export data by user, activity, or project to identify productivity trends and overall time utilization.

    Export reports in a snap – choose from CSV, XLS, or directly into your billing software. Plus, you can set up automatic weekly or daily team reports to land right in your inbox!

    Reporting and Analytics
  • Reminders and notifications to track time

    Make time tracking a habit

    Enable Jibble's smart reminders

    With time- and location-based reminders, Jibble helps your team establish a routine for clocking in and out. Whether it’s a reminder when they arrive at work when their workday starts or ends or an automatic clock-out after a specific time, Jibble has you covered

    Enable push notifications
  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Quick and simple onboarding

    Have your accounting team jibbling in no time

    Whether you choose to invite your team via email, SMS, or a simple link, our user-friendly platform ensures a speedy setup. And if you encounter any challenges along the way, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist 24/7.

    I want to start onboarding my team now!