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Did these calculators do exactly what you needed them to do?

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  • Looking for more?

    Do you want more than a work time calculator?

    The work hours calculator or payroll hours calculator above is great for businesses with a few employees, but it’s not ideal for growing SMEs or enterprises. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive option, why not try Jibble, the 100% FREE time tracker with its powerful and FREE attendance app.

  • But still want a free solution?

    Free forever for unlimited users

    Automatically generate timesheets and time cards that are ready for payroll, saving you time and money. And, with Jibble, you can do far more…

  • Jibble can be used on multiple devices

    Automated work hours calculations for mobile, desktop and tablet

    Jibble’s employee time clock app works with your mobile, desktop and tablet, so you can track time easily and accurately. Monitor and calculate employee time on site, office or for remote employee time tracking.

  • Calculate staff overtime

    Multiple overtime settings mean we have you covered. Finally, accurate overtime payments and happy staff!

    How does overtime work?
  • Staff hours go directly into your payroll hours calculations

    Simpler payroll for everyone

    Team members and managers can review their hours anytime. Jibble’s timecards are 100% auto-calculated, saving you time and money.

    Payroll hours tracker
  • Detailed analytics & feedback

    Powerful analytics

    Jibble has daily, weekly, and monthly timesheets. Use our multiple filters to identify patterns, analyze time spent on projects, and improve time utilization.

  • Payroll-ready timesheet calculator

    For accurate salary payments

    Timecards that are payroll-ready to help you automatically calculate worked hours, overtime, and easily set up billable hours so you know how much to pay everyone.

  • Export timesheets

    In Excel or CSV

    Export your work hours to XLS or CSV if you need to perform additional calculations for payroll. You can then easily upload your time cards data onto your accounting software with minimum effort. Or take advantage of our native software integrations.

  • Jibble is much more than a time card calculator

    It's a complete free employee timekeeping software

    From attendance to lateness analytics, Jibble is everything you’ll ever need to manage employee time and attendance.

    Employee timekeeping software
  • Or are you looking for timesheet templates?

    We have you covered!

    Our 100% FREE printable monthly timesheet templates allows you to calculate employees’ worked hours on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly basis. The template can be used online, via Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, PDF or Word.

    Timesheet templates