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What is work time?

In general terms, work time is the total amount of time an employee spends at work during a day. This may or may not include break times, depending if breaks are paid or unpaid in your company.


What is a work time calculator?

A work time calculator is a device or application used to calculate the total amount of time an employee has worked, so that they can be paid accordingly. You simply input the start and end times together with any breaks. The work time calculator then calculates your data and gives you your total work time for the day or week.


How can a work time calculator help businesses?

Work time tracking is an essential part of successful operation for any business. Knowing your employees total work time can help you calculate salaries and plan for extra expenses. Work time calculators are typically designed to automate the calculations of total work time, so you can prevent human error that comes with manual time-keeping processes.


How to use a work time calculator?

If keeping track of employees’ work times is taking up too much time for you, Jibble’s work time calculator is here to help! It includes basic features that allow you to accurately calculate employee work times quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of using Jibble’s work time calculator.


  • Step 1: Select a time format

Select whether you wish to use a 12-hour or 24-hour format based on your company’s policies.

  • Step 2: Determine the start and end time

Input your start and end time for each day worked. Then, enter your total break duration to add a break deduction. Lastly, select the total number of working days to calculate your total work time. Once all relevant details have been entered, click on Calculate.

  • Step 3: Analyze your results

Under the results section, you’ll see your total work time in h:mm format, in decimal format and in minutes. Your clean work time includes the break deductions that have been entered earlier.

  • Step 4: Save your work time between visits

Click on the button at the bottom to generate a link to save your work time data to your web browser. You can share this link with your manager or clients for billing purposes. Each time this link is accessed, your work time will be automatically populated with the time and results from your last visit. 

  • Step 5: Reset your calculations to start over

If you wish to start over, click on the Reset page button to refresh the work time calculator as a blank slate. From here, repeat the steps as mentioned above to create new work time results.


Do you need more than a work time calculator?

The work time calculator above is great to calculate basic work times for employees, but it may not be ideal for calculating different times for different working days. If you’re looking for an online calculator where you can input different start and end times for different days, you can use one of our multiple calculators:

Or if you’re looking for a more automated and simplified option, why not try Jibble, the 100% FREE time tracking software which automates time tracking for your employees and generates powerful reports to give you additional insights into employees work times. If you’re interested, you can try out our free trial to see for yourself how easy it is to track work times and have all calculations done for you accurately and seamlessly. Using Jibble's time clock app from 3 devices

If you’re looking for timesheet templates, we’ve got you covered!

Jibble’s 100% FREE printable timesheet templates allow you to calculate employees’ work times and more on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly basis. The templates can be used online via Google Docs or Google Sheets or downloaded in Excel, PDF or Word format.

Free timesheet template