100% FREE Xero Invoicing Integration

Simplify invoicing and ensure accuracy with Jibble’s integration with Xero. Free forever for unlimited users!

Illustration for sending timesheet data to Xero
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  • Xero and Jibble integration

    From payroll hours to invoices in a flash

    No more back and forth with this seamless invoicing integration

    With Jibble’s new Xero invoicing integration, the hassle of creating invoices is reduced to a matter of seconds. Admin and accounting processes are simplified by the ability to automatically create invoices and add invoice lines in Xero directly from tracked time on Jibble. 

    Connect Xero with Jibble
  • Jibble timesheet to Xero invoices

    Accurate and error-free invoicing

    … that saves you time and money

    Accuracy is the name of the game. Experience the confidence of knowing that you’re billing the right amount every single time with automations that take over the error-prone task of translating payroll hours into precise and transparent invoices. 

  • Select the best settings that meets your organization's requirements

    Flexible and fully customizable

    An invoicing integration that you can tailor to your needs

    Easily create customized invoices that reflect only the members and date ranges you need. Spend less time poring over lists and tinkering with tiny details so you can focus on bigger things.

  • Sending tracked hours in Jibble to a Xero contact

    Effortless client billing

    … that allows you to share invoices with stakeholders in just a few clicks

    Get those invoices to clients and stakeholders with ease. Select any Xero contact as a recipient straight from your Jibble dashboard. No more complicated emails, downloads, and exports — client billing just got easier!

  • Xero account invoices

    Full visibility of all invoicing activity

    See all Jibble-generated invoices in Xero

    Maintain records and review all invoices made in Jibble under the Invoice page of the Business tab in Xero. Access them anytime, anywhere, and on any device for optimized convenience and visibility.

  • Time and attendance software on any device

    Time and attendance tracking made easy

    …so you can focus on the work that actually matters

    Simplify time and attendance tracking and ensure the accuracy of captured data.  Register attendance and track time for tasks using desktops, kiosks, or even personal mobile devices. Kiss complicated and inefficient paper-based systems goodbye with Jibble’s Xero attendance software.

  • Dashboard view of the Jibble time clock app

    Track time from anywhere

    …from your desk, from the field, or even on the road

    Never lose another minute of billable time with Jibble. Get all of your work hours into your timesheets from virtually anywhere using our Xero timeclock app, even in places where the internet connection is weak or absent. Have the confidence to go where work takes you — or take work wherever you go!

  • Tracking time and attendance in mobile using facial recognition

    Take it to the next level with facial recognition and GPS tracking

    Ensure that the right folks are clocking in from the right places

    Add a layer of security and prevent time theft with Jibble’s facial recognition and GPS tracking features. Our advanced facial recognition software matches the face of the person checking in with the profile photo stored in the system to prevent unauthorized entry, while the GPS tracking feature captures employees’ location upon checking in and monitors their location to ensure that everyone is where they are supposed to be.

  • Tracked time reports with graphs

    Know where your hours go

    …with timesheets that detail where every minute is spent

    Have your timesheets organized down to a T by logging not only the duration of time spent on work, but also the project and activity to which time entries are associated with. Gain better visibility of time usage across your company and gain the trust and respect of your clients with transparent invoices.

  • Sending payroll hours from Jibble to other platforms

    Automated Calculations

    …for accurate billable amounts

    Seamlessly integrate your members’ billable rates on Jibble into Xero’s invoicing system. We’ll do all the number-crunching for you so you can be confident that you’re billing your clients the right amount, every time and all the time.

  • Export timesheets to Xero

    Customizable reporting

    Insights made according to your measure

    Enjoy comprehensive insights that allow you to see the data you need in the way you need to see it. Configure and filter your reports according to your unique analytic needs with ease. Export them in CSV or XLS formats or send them straight to Xero for invoicing in just a matter of clicks!

    Creating and sending invoices to Xero
  • Jibble web app, integration with Xero

    Getting started is easy

    Integrate Jibble with Xero in minutes

    1. Create an account with Jibble. It’s free forever for unlimited users.
    2. Go to Integrations in Jibble, and click on Xero.
    3. Connect your Jibble account to your Xero account to power your integration.
    4. Directly export timesheets in Jibble as invoices in Xero.
    5. That’s it!


    Connect Xero with Jibble NOW