100% FREE Xero Time Clock App

Jibble's time clock app streamlines employee hour tracking with effortless ease. Free forever for unlimited users.

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  • GPS tracking app on mobile devices

    Seamless GPS tracking and Geofencing

    Manage remote work with accuracy and simplicity

    GPS tracking and Geofencing lets you set authorized locations and stay updated on your team’s real-time locations, ensuring productivity and accountability from any location.

    Employee GPS tracking
  • Using face recognition to clock in

    Clock-in and out with facial recognition

    Secure and accurate tracking.

    The Xero time clock app offers a convenient way to track time accurately and securely with facial recognition. With this feature, employees can easily log their work hours by scanning their face.

    Advanced tracking with facial recognition
  • Instant face recognition on speed mode kiosk

    Optimizing employee tracking with kiosk mode

    for automated tracking

    The kiosk mode simplifies the process of tracking work hours by offering a shared device within the workplace specifically designed for employees to log their clock-ins and outs accurately and efficiently. Users can also choose between different kiosk type modes. This includes FR mode, Speed mode, Basic mode and NFC mode.

    Online Kiosk
  • Xero and Jibble integration

    Simplified Integration

    Connect Jibble with Xero - without hassle

    Sync Jibble with Xero effortlessly for streamlined time tracking and financial management. Consolidate time records from the clock app into Xero for effortless invoice generation, ensuring accurate client billing.

  • Several notifications and reminders

    Stay on track with reminders and notifications

    Clock-in and out on time

    Members can efficiently manage their work hours by setting up reminders for clocking in and out. These nudges ensure everyone stays on top of their schedule, maintaining productivity and punctuality.

  • Clocking in restrictions on time tracking software from strict, to moderate, flexible and custom

    Customize time clock restrictions

    Tailored limitations that suit your team's needs

    This functionality allows managers to establish personalized parameters for employee clock-ins and outs, including verification settings, location-based restrictions, and limitations on flexible time entries.

  • Timesheet displaying worked hours

    Automated calculations

    Streamline timesheet management

    Automated calculations handle timesheets effortlessly, sorting them into payroll hours, overtime hours, break hours, and more.

  • Reports on time tracked on client, project and activity. Hours spent spent on on activity on particular day.

    Xero time missed with tracked time reports

    Access comprehensive insights through reports

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the tasks accomplished during your employees’ clock-in to clock-out hours. Reports provide a breakdown of the time allocated to various activities and projects, offering valuable insights into productivity and task allocation.

  • Exporting reports on mobile app

    Export reports on the go

    Anywhere, Anytime

    With this feature, you can effortlessly export reports in XLS or CsV format from your mobile device, giving you the flexibility to stay connected and informed from any location.