Creating and sending invoices to Xero

Send payroll hours from Jibble to Xero for easy invoicing

With our Xero timesheet integration, you can create and send invoices directly to Xero from the payroll hours of your team members in Jibble. Then, customers can pay invoices immediately with the click of a button.

Sending invoices to Xero

  1. Make sure that you have successfully connected Xero with Jibble.

  2. Go to Reports > Tracked Time Report.

  3. On the top right corner, next to Export, you will see a “Send to Xero” button.

    Clicking on send to Xero button

    Note: The “Send to Xero” button will not be displayed if Xero is not connected with Jibble.

  4. Click on the “Send to Xero” button to open the Report Export sidebar.Sending invoices to Xero from JibbleNote: The currency type displayed is pulled from the organization’s currency settings in Jibble.

  5. Select your preferred Date range and Members or Groups you would like to export payroll hours for.

  6. Select an Account (pulled from Xero), Invoice status and Due date for the invoice.Selecting fields on invoices to send to Xero
  7. Once all the selections have been filled, click on the “Send to Xero” button.

  8. A modal will be displayed to select a contact to send the invoice to.

    Selecting a contact from Xero to send invoices

    Note: These contacts are pulled from the contacts in your Xero account. You can manage your contacts in Xero under Contacts > All contacts.

  9. Select a contact and hit Send.

  10. Your invoice has been generated! You can view the generated invoice in your Xero account under Business > Invoices.
    Xero invoice created from JibbleNote: The price per quantity is pulled from the member’s billable rate in Jibble, located under their person profile. For more information on billable rates, check out our article on updating a person’s profile.

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