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Streamline attendance tracking with Jibble's integration with Xero. Free forever for unlimited users.

Export timesheets from Jibble to Xero
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  • Jibble displayed on mobile, web, and kiosk.

    Accurate attendance through live data

    Track employee attendance from anywhere

    Accurately track attendance by instantly recording clock-ins, tracking locations, and implementing facial recognition, ensuring trustworthy workforce management.

    Attendance tracker
  • A map displaying current locations of multiple employees

    Advanced attendance features

    No more buddy punching or skipped shifts!

    Experience precise tracking and reliable systems by enhancing attendance accuracy with mobile tools like geofencing and facial recognition. Geofencing marks attendance in designated spots, while facial recognition curbs buddy punching.

    Manage locations & geofences
  • Tracking employee attendance using Jibble app

    Simplified attendance tracking

    Xero effort: efficient tracking

    Monitor employee presence and productivity using Jibble’s attendance tracker across any device. Easily oversee employee attendance, tasks, and projects whether on a mobile, tablet, or desktop.

  • Applying for leave with Jibble

    Seamless leave management

    Simplify leave requests and facilitate attendance

    Effortlessly handle leave management with our system. Employees can easily request time off, allowing employers to conveniently track their absences to ensure accurate attendance records.

    Manage time off for your team
  • Automatically calculate work hours and overtime

    Automatic transfer of attendance data

    Say goodbye to manual data entry

    Syncing Jibble with Xero eliminates the need to manually input data. This reduces errors and boosts productivity by making tasks smoother and ensuring accurate data transfer between systems.

  • Time management cartoon illustration for Jibble

    Flexible attendance policies

    Conveniently customize how you track attendance

    Make attendance policies adaptable to different departments or employee groups by customizing them. You can adjust specific rules to better fit your team’s unique needs and work conditions within the company.

  • Project timesheet

    Project-based time tracking

    Boost productivity by tracking tasks

    Jibble’s integration with Xero lets you monitor and record hours dedicated to specific tasks or projects. It helps track how employees use time for different assignments and projects, aiding in better resource management and project progress tracking. Employees can clock in, take breaks, and clock out once they are done with the tasks.

    Track your team efficiently with the project time tracker
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    Flexible reporting options

    Tailored reporting capabilities designed just for you

    Rather than handling standard reports, you can enjoy enhanced reporting capabilities such as late clock ins, early clock outs, attendance percentage, absentees, total time lost, break times, overtime, and more. This helps you gain insight into individual contributions and productivity of employees within your chosen timeframe.