100% Free Upwork Time Tracking

Connect Jibble with Upwork now for seamless time tracking.

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  • Upwork time tracking integration

    About Upwork

    Connect businesses with great talent

    Upwork is a talent marketplace to help growing businesses find and connect with top-notch freelance talent and agencies. Find projects, communicate with clients, collaborate remotely on various projects and get paid – all in Upwork.


  • Time and attendance software integrations

    Upwork + Jibble integration

    How it works

    Use Jibble to track hours spent on Upwork message rooms, so you can boost productivity and be at the top of your game.

  • Team members tracking time across activities and projects

    Tracking hours

    Sync messages for accurate time tracking

    Sync messages in Upwork rooms with activities or clients in Jibble with a simple click.  Easily monitor time spent on each room or client with our time tracking solution for accurate reporting.

  • Get onboarded quickly

    Getting started is easy

    Integrate Jibble with Upwork in minutes

    1. Create an account with Jibble. It’s free forever for unlimited users.
    2. Go to Integrations in Jibble, and click on Upwork.
    3. Connect your Jibble account to your Upwork account via Zapier to power your integration.
    4. Choose and sort triggers and actions between Jibble and Upwork.
    5. That’s it!