Using Slack bot to clock in and out

Activate slack bot integration. What commands can you use for Slack

Slack is a great way to use Jibble, and it’s free. Simply activate the Slack bot to start tracking time directly from your Slack workspace.

Slack integration under Integrations tab

To set it up, you will need:

Note: To use the Jibble bot in Slack, your Jibble account email should match with your Slack email.

This article covers:

Setting up Slack on Jibble

  1. Go to Integrations.

  2. Click on Slack.

  3. You will see a modal that integrates with Slack

  4. Click on “Connect with Jibble”

  5. A new page will be opened (See screenshot below)

  6. Select the workspace on the top right that you want to integrate with Slack,

  7. Then select a channel below where all your Jibble notifications will be posted, i.e. when a team member clocks in and out

  8. Click “Allow” when you’re done

  9. The Slack integration is now complete!

Jibble and Slack are sucesfully connected

Note: A slack user can only use Jibble if they have been added to the Jibble web app. Learn how to add users via the web app.

List of Slack commands

There’s a list of commands that you can use to clock in and out with the Slack bot.

Here’s the full list:

  • in – start recording time

  • break – take a break

  • out – stop recording time

  • all – see who’s working

  • times – check your weekly timesheets

  • log – check your daily logs/timesheets

  • acts – list activities that you can record time against

  • projects – list projects that you can record time against

  • help – Displays help

  • contact – send the Jibble support team a help request or feedback

Explore Jibble’s Slack commands.