Using Jibble in Microsoft Teams

Activate the Jibble bot to to clock in or out, see who’s working and more

Please note that starting 13 September 2023 Microsoft Teams users must manually install the new updated Jibble application available for download here. This is a temporary solution, in the near future the new Jibble application will be available for installation via Microsoft Marketplace.

Our Microsoft Teams time tracking integration is a very efficient way to track your time for free without leaving your Microsoft Teams channel. To set this up you will need:

  • An existing Microsoft Teams account

  • An existing Jibble account

This article covers:

Connecting Microsoft Teams with Jibble

  1. Ensure that you are logged into your Microsoft Teams account.

  2. Manually install application downloaded from use option Upload an app that can be found here:
  3. You will see a welcome message, please use Log in button.

  4. Log into the application using your Jibble credentials.
  5. Your Microsoft Teams integration is now complete!

  6. Start using the Jibble bot personal chats to clock in or out, see who’s working and more

  7. Use personal tabs to clock in or out or to check your attendance on the dashboard

List of Jibble bot commands for Microsoft Teams

There’s a list of commands that you can use to clock in and out on Microsoft Teams.

Here’s the full list:

    • in – start recording time

    • break – take a break

    • out – stop recording time

    • all – see who’s working

    • times – check your weekly timesheets

    • log – check your daily logs/timesheets

    • acts – list activities that you can record time against

    • projects – list projects that you can record time against

    • notifications – update notification settings

    • login – log into your Jibble account

    • logout – log out of your Jibble account

    • help – displays help