How to use speed mode for kiosks

Speed mode on the Jibble kiosk is a faster, more efficient way of clocking in and out with automated facial recognition

Enable speed mode on Jibble’s online kiosk for lightning-fast time tracking. In speed mode, users can simply walk up to your kiosk-enabled device and get clocked in/out immediately without touching anything, tailored for the post-pandemic workforce. It just makes time tracking so much easier.

How it works

In regular kiosk mode, team members can either be recognized directly using automated facial recognition, or they can select their name from the list. Learn more about how to setup your tablet as a shared kiosk. Once a team member has confirmed their identity they can manually:

  • Clock in/out

  • Select a break (if applicable)

  • Select any activity/project or add notes (if applicable)

The member will have to simply confirm the time entry and they’re in!

In speed mode, all of the manual processes have been removed and reduced to:

  1. The team member walks up to the kiosk

  2. The kiosk recognizes the member

  3. The member is immediately clocked in/out – the kiosk shows a notification

  4. If needed, the user can always “undo” the action

Speed mode limitations

When speed mode is enabled:

  • Activities/Projects are ignored (you can’t select them)

  • PIN confirmation is unavailable

  • Breaks are ignored (you can only clock in/out)

What happens if a team member isn’t recognized?

There could be instances where a team member isn’t recognized by the kiosk due to:

  • Issues with their face data

  • Bad lighting or dark backgrounds

  • Standing too close/far from the kiosk

If this happens, you can click on the ‘Retry’ button to scan the team member’s face again OR choose to select the team member’s name from a namelist to clock in.

Note that if your time tracking policy is set to ‘Flagged’ and the team member decides to select their name from the list, the entry will be flagged and their manager will receive a notification.

If the time tracking policy is set to ‘Blocked’ – you will need to enter the admin PIN before being able to select the the team member’s name from the list.

Enabling speed mode

Before you get started, make sure to set up and enable kiosk mode first. Also, note that speed mode does not work when PIN is enabled, so make sure that’s set up correctly in your time tracking policy.

Once your time tracking settings have been set up correctly, you will need to:

  1. Login to the mobile app and switch to kiosk

  2. Go to kiosk settings and enable “speed mode”

  3. A modal should appear explaining that speed mode ignores activities & breaks

A modal should appear explaining that speed mode ignores activities & breaks

Only owners and admins are allowed to set up speed mode in Kiosk settings.

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