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A graphic showing two people standing next to a time clock.
  • A farmer tending to his plants. Photo by Gustavo Fring

    Farm work is labor-intensive

    And time tracking is essential

    You have enough to worry about between cultivating your crops, coordinating harvest schedules, monitoring soil pH levels, and overseeing your workforce. Let’s not add time tracking to the mix. Focus on growing your crops and farming business, and leave the time tracking to Jibble.

  • The Jibble farm time tracking software showing all the active workers on the dashboard.

    No fuss time tracking experience

    Easy to set up, easy to use

    Jibble is designed with a user-friendly interface to create a no-fuss time tracking experience. Start tracking time with only a few clicks—no training required.

  • Using Jibble's time clock app from 3 devices

    Track time on any device

    Whether it's on mobile, desktop, or tablet

    Jibble is everywhere you need it to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing livestock, tending to crops, or overseeing operations; track time with ease on your preferred device.

  • Face recognition required to successfully clock in

    Secure clock-ins

    Powered by facial recognition

    Enable facial recognition for foolproof clock-ins, ensuring only authorized personnel can track their time. It’s not only secure, it’s quicker, too. Employees only need to take a quick selfie, and they can head straight to work.

    Set up facial recognition
  • Calculating worked hours by activities, projects or clients on time tracking software

    Efficiently manage farm workloads

    Assign activities to individual workers or entire groups

    Running a farm takes a lot of work, from planting and harvesting to deliveries and maintenance. Jibble’s time tracker captures these activities so you know exactly where those hours are going. This also lets you generate detailed activity reports for various purposes, from payroll processing to client billing and assessing work productivity.

  • GPS tracking app on mobile devices

    Know where your workers are

    With advanced GPS technology

    With just a simple click, Jibble provides real-time insights into the current locations and tasks of all your farm employees. Whether they’re out on the field or driving out for crop deliveries, you can easily stay informed about their activities right from your phone or computer.

    GPS Tracking
  • Members can only clock in at designated locations

    Set up geofences

    Ensure work only happens where it should

    For farms that require team members to be present at the workplace before clocking in, geofencing is the solution. Enable geofencing restrictions in Time Tracking settings, ensuring that your team can only clock in and out from authorized locations.

    Manage locations and geofences
  • Timesheet data shown on dashboard

    Manage your staff right on the dashboard

    All the time and attendance data you need in one place

    Your Jibble dashboard serves as a centralized space where you can effortlessly overview your team’s tracked hours, attendance status, and more. Filter data by day, week, or month so you can dive deeper into the specifics of your staff’s performance. 

    Manage your team on the dashboard
  • Customize work schedules to be fixed or flexible

    Flexible scheduling

    Set up custom work schedules to suit farm operations

    Tailor work schedules per member or group, catering to the varied requirements of your farm operations. Whether your staff follows a fixed 9 am – 5 pm schedule or operates on a flexible 40-hour work week, Jibble empowers you to create multiple work schedules for various groups or individual members.

  • Tracking attendance when offline

    No internet? No problem

    Jibble still works offline

    No more worries about missing data or interruptions due to unstable internet connections. Jibble securely stores your time entries offline, ensuring workers can clock in and out without hassle, even in remote farm locations.

    Offline time tracking
  • A timesheet with detailed hourly, daily and weekly reporting. Activity/ group time spent illustration and clock in/out time graph.

    Harvest powerful insights for your farm

    With comprehensive reports

    Dive deep into your staff’s work hours using customized reports and visual charts. You can also filter, sort, and export data by user, activity, or project to analyze productivity trends and overall time utilization.

    Export reports as CSV or XLS files or directly to your payroll software.

    Reporting and Analytics
  • Leave management feature of a timesheet system for teachers.

    More than a time tracking app

    Jibble is your all-in-one work management tool

    Jibble doesn’t just track time; it also lets you monitor attendance, manage leaves, and streamline payroll. You can even integrate Jibble with popular accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks Online, Deel, and more to streamline payroll and invoicing.

    It’s the all-in-one solution for managing farm time and worker productivity.

  • Web display of employee assignment to groups in time tracking software

    Built to adapt

    Jibble is scalable for growth

    From small family farms to huge agricultural companies, you can run your business confidently, knowing that Jibble evolves with you. As your farm business grows, explore the advanced features that Jibble offers to manage larger teams and projects efficiently.

  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Quick and easy onboarding

    Get started in minutes

    Invite your team via email, SMS, or a convenient link. Our step-by-step guidance ensures that setting up is a breeze. And if you ever have questions, our friendly customer support team is at your service 24/7.

    Start onboarding now - it's FREE!