100% FREE ChromeOS Time Tracker

Manage time, stay organized, and boost productivity with Jibble’s ChromeOS Time Tracker, your perfect companion for time management on the go.

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  • Tracking activities and projects

    Seamless time tracking

    As easy as a few clicks

    Whether you’re working from your ChromeOS mobile device or a Chromebook, you can easily start timers, stop timers and take breaks, ensuring that every moment is accurately recorded.

    Time clock software
  • Using Jibble's time clock app from 3 devices

    Anywhere, anytime access

    Cross-platform synchronization

    With Jibble, you have the flexibility to track your time from anywhere – in the office, at home, or on the move. Our cloud-based solution ensures your time data is seamlessly synchronized and readily available whenever you need it.

  • Jibble's time tracking dashboard on web app and mobile

    Everything you need on the dashboard

    Straight from your mobile device

    Stay connected with your team by checking who’s in or out, accessing project reports, reviewing worked hours, and tracking upcoming holidays, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

    Managing your team on the dashboard
  • Face recognition via mobile or kiosk

    Face recognition technology

    Clocking in and out has never been more precise

    Our advanced face recognition technology guarantees that only the designated employee can clock in and out, significantly minimizing the chances of time theft and buddy punching. It’s quick, easy, and eliminates the need for traditional time clocks.

    Face recognition attendance software
  • Instant face recognition on speed mode kiosk

    Speed mode kiosks

    For swift and seamless tracking

    Utilizing Jibbles time clock kiosk in speed mode makes tracking your work hours quicker and more convenient than ever. Simply look at your ChromeOS device’s camera, and you’ll be instantly verified and clocked in. 

    How to use speed mode for kiosks
  • Ability to use an NFC card with Jibble

    Effortless clock-in and clock-out

    With NFC time tracking

    Experience the ease of clocking in and out with a simple tap of your NFC cards. Ensure accurate data for attendance and payroll management, making time tracking both effortless and completely error-free.

    Using Jibble's NFC time tracking kiosk
  • View the routes taken by an employee throughout their working hours

    Precise location tracking

    With customizable geofences

    Use geofencing to confirm employee presence during work hours and prevent unauthorized clock-ins when they’re out of range. Get immediate alerts when employees leave a geofenced area while on the clock and track their travel routes in real-time.

    Employee GPS tracker app
  • Choose the settings between flexible, moderate, strict or custom

    Customizable jibbling restrictions

    Tailor preferences by group or as a whole

    Customize clock-in and out requirements, work hour rules, and other tracking parameters to align with your needs. Whether you need stricter tracking for certain groups or more relaxed settings for others, you’re in full control.

    Setting up custom time clock restrictions
  • Accurate time and attendance tracking in offline mode

    Worried about connectivity issues?

    Not anymore!

    Track your time and location with confidence, even in remote areas or locations with spotty internet coverage. Jibble automatically syncs your data to the cloud when you’re back online, making sure nothing gets lost.

    Offline time tracking software
  • Approve or reject timesheets

    Timesheets made simple

    With streamlined timesheet approvals

    Easily track time and leave it to Jibble to automatically categorize hours into work hours and overtime hours. Then, review and approve timesheets in just a click, ensuring your team gets paid accurately and on time.

    How do timesheets work
  • Push and email notifications as reminders

    Alerts and reminders when you need them

    Never lose track of time again

    Keep your schedule in check with tailored alerts and reminders. Whether it’s for clocking in, taking breaks or entering a designated work location, our notifications ensure you stay on track and never miss a moment.

    Setting up reminders and automatic clock out
  • Leave management feature of a timesheet system for teachers.

    Streamlined leave management

    Hassle-free time-off tracking

    Employees request for time off on any device, and managers swiftly approve requests while tracking leave balances in real-time. Say goodbye to leave management headaches and keep everyone on the same page when it comes to time off.

    PTO tracking software
  • Pie charts & bar charts to show tracked data

    Detailed reporting

    Unparalleled insights and analytics

    Gain valuable insights into your team’s work habits with comprehensive time and attendance reports. Analyze performance over time, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions to optimize time management.

  • Exporting reports on mobile app

    Export reports on the go

    For quick and easy reporting

    Easily export timesheet reports, tracked time reports or attendance reports to get a comprehensive overview of your team’s activities, right from your ChromeOS device.

    Exporting reports via mobile
  • Logos of apps Jibble integrates with

    Seamless integrations

    …and our list is expanding!

    Jibble seamlessly integrates with project management tools, accounting and payroll platforms, and productivity software. Connect with your favorite apps to sync time data effortlessly, making your workday even more efficient.

    Time tracking integrations
  • Invite team members via email, SMS or links

    Setting up your team takes minutes

    Getting started with Jibble is a breeze

    Invite your team members via email, SMS, or a shareable link, and you’re ready to start! Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to navigate Jibble, and our friendly support team is always here to help if you need it.

    Start onboarding NOW!