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Chrome extension keyboard shortcuts
  • Using Jibble's timer extension in Asana

    Streamline your workflow

    Effortless access to your Asana workspace

    With our Chrome Extension, your task management is now more intuitive than ever. Seamlessly integrate your Asana tasks with your browser, giving you quick access without having to navigate away from your current tabs.

    Chrome timer extension
  • Clocking in, taking breaks, and clocking out via Chrome time tracking extension

    Precision time tracking

    Made simple

    Effortlessly keep tabs on the time you spend on each task, project, or assignment with a simple click. Start timers, stop timers and go on break from your Chrome toolbar.

    How to track time in Asana?
  • Activities employees are spending time on

    Task-based time tracking

    Tailored to your Asana workflow

    Associate your time entries directly with your Asana tasks. Whether you’re creating tasks, assigning tasks or defining project goals, ensure accurate tracking of every minute spent on your projects.

    Project time tracker
  • Chrome extension keyboard shortcuts

    Convenient keyboard shortcuts

    For quick and easy tracking

    Navigate through Asana with keyboard shortcuts for starting, stopping, and managing timers. No need to manually log your hours—it’s effortless time tracking at your fingertips.

  • Highlighting text using to be automatically included as notes when clocking in via Jibble's chrome extension

    Automatic notes

    Stay informed

    Jibble takes convenience a step further with automatic notes. Track time on Asana and watch as titles automatically populate as notes for your time entries. No more scrambling to remember details – the extension captures it all.

    Asana time tracking
  • A pie chart displaying time spent on activities, projects and clients

    Detailed reports

    Empowering you to work smarter, not harder

    Gain valuable insights into your productivity patterns with detailed time reports. Analyze your work habits, how you allocate your time and identify areas for improvement for maximum efficiency.

    Reporting and analytics
  • Automatic sync of time entries across all platforms

    Real-time updates

    Streamline your workflow

    Instantly see how much time you’ve dedicated to a task, right within your browser or other devices! Stay informed and optimize your workflow based on your current progress.

  • Clock in to Jibble via the Chrome Extension

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    Your productivity, elevated

    Jibble caters to all users – from freelancers juggling multiple projects to team leaders seeking seamless collaboration. Try our FREE Chrome Extension today and experience precise time tracking one click at a time.

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