Setting up external readers for NFC time tracking

How to set up and connect an external NFC or RFID reader to your mobile device for NFC time tracking

Jibble’s NFC time tracking kiosk helps ensure accurate and efficient time tracking with the use of NFC technology. If you don’t have an NFC-enabled device, you can purchase an external NFC or RFID reader and connect it to your iOS or Android device. 

This article covers:

Requirements and recommendations

Jibble’s NFC feature is supported on both RFID and NFC external readers. Before getting an external reader, make sure that the frequency your tag transmits matches the frequency of the reader.

NFC tags with a frequency of 13.56MHz can be read by NFC-enabled devices and external NFC readers. RFID tags on the other hand are generally 125kHz and can only be read by external RFID readers. 

Here is a list of recommended frequencies when purchasing external readers:

A typical external reader should resemble the image below:External RFID/NFC reader

Most external readers come with a USB cable. You may need to purchase a USB-C or lightning adapter to connect the external reader to your device:

USB to USB-C adapter

USB-C to USB adapter

USB to Lightning Adapter

Lightning to USB adapter

Connecting external readers to your device

  1. Connect the external reader to the port of your mobile device or tablet. 
  2. If the external reader comes with a USB cable, you will need to use a lightning or USB-C adapter to connect it to your device.
  3. Follow the guidelines as stated for your external reader.

Using NFC kiosk with external readers

Important ❗: The screen of your device must always be turned on (lit-up) in order for the external reader to be active.

  1. After you have connected your external reader to your device, open Jibble’s mobile app.
  2. Link team members to tags by adding an NFC tag.
  3. If you have not set up any kiosks, be sure to check out setting up kiosk mode.
  4. If you wish to use an existing kiosk, go to Menu > Switch to Kiosk > Select a Kiosk > Click on the cog icon on the top left corner to access Kiosk Settings.
  5. Select NFC Mode under the Kiosk settings section.Selecting NFC mode under kiosk settings
  6. Click on the back arrow <- on the top left corner to exit kiosk settings screen.
  7. Tap the NFC tag onto the external reader.
  8. A confirmation message will be displayed on the kiosk once you are successfully clocked in.Message displayed on NFC kiosk once successfully clocked in
  9. To clock out, simply tap your NFC tag onto the external reader a second time.

Note: Activities, projects and notes are not applicable when NFC mode is used. GPS locations can be recorded by enabling this setting via kiosk settings.

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