Face Spoofing Prevention

Prevent instances of spoofing to ensure accurate verification of team members

Face spoofing prevention can be enabled on Jibble’s online kiosk to prevent false verification by using a team member’s photo or video to stimulate their facial biometrics. This feature is only available on the Premium and Ultimate plans and for selected devices.

Here is a list of devices that support this feature:


  1. iPhone X, XR, XS and up


  1. iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd generation)
  2. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) and up

This article covers:

Where can I set up face spoofing prevention?

Face spoofing prevention can only be set up on the mobile app in Kiosk mode. For it to work, face recognition must be enabled in your time tracking policy.

  1. On the Menu screen, go to Kiosk and click on the gear icon on the top left to access Kiosk settings.
    Face Spoofing Prevention
  2. Select Facial Recognition Mode under the kiosk mode types.
  3. Enable the toggle for Face spoofing prevention.
  4. If your device does not support this feature, a modal will be shown when the toggle is enabled to inform the user that their device does not support this feature.

Recognizing team members with face spoofing prevention

What happens:

  1. The app will recognize a team member’s face based on their face data.
  2. Face spoofing prevention will identify different points on a member’s face and inspect for a 3D view of the member.
  3. Once it verifies the member, they will be able to clock in or out.
  4. A photo is captured, and the member can fill in their details to confirm their time entry to clock in or out.

What happens when face recognition verification fails?

If face spoofing prevention is enabled and a member’s face recognition verification fails, this indicates that the member’s face has been spoofed. Your team member will not be allowed to clock in or out and will be given the option to retry face recognition or to select another name from the member list. A notification will be sent to managers whenever face recognition verification has failed.

Face spoofing prevention on kiosk

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