Creating a new organization

One dashboard for your organization to track time together.

In Jibble’s time and attendance software, an organization can represent your company, a division, or even a school or hospital. You will be able to view all your data in one place for each organization, and team members can track time together. Learn more about how to create an organization in this guide.

Take note that:

  • By creating an organization, you will be the organization owner in Jibble

  • If you’re planning to use Jibble for work, sign up with your work email

This article covers:

Sign up on any of our platforms to create an organization for the first time

Jibble Web App

  1. Go to the Jibble web app and create an account.

  2. Fill in your work email and details

  3. Click the Continue button

  4. Answer a few questions to help us understand your team

  5. All done? Welcome to Jibble!

Jibble on iOS or Android

  1. Download our iOS or Android app

  2. Open the app

  3. Tap on the Sign Up to Start Tracking button

  4. Tap on the Create a Team button

  5. Fill your work email and details

  6. Answer a few questions to help us understand your team

  7. All done? Welcome to Jibble!

Next steps:

If you already belong to an organization

Do you own multiple businesses or need to view multiple dashboards? You can create a new organization and switch between them easily when you need to.

Take note that:

  • You will need to go through the setup for the new organization

  • You will need to add your payment details to add a new organization

  • Data is not shared between organizations

Tip: If you need a better way to manage your team members with the same setup and view all their data in one place, consider using the 🔴 Groups feature instead.

Add an organization to your account

  1. Log in to Jibble

  2. Go to Organization Settings > Subscription

  3. Click on Create New Organization

  4. Follow the wizard to set up your new organization

🛠 Coming soon: Import settings from an existing organization

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