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A construction employee tracking time using the Jibble contractor time tracking app
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  • Contractor time tracking on any device

    Accurate time tracking

    On any device

    Track time accurately, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. In construction, where mobility is essential, Jibble offers flexibility. Whether you’re on-site with your smartphone or in the office on your laptop, easily access the Jibble app and start tracking those hours.

  • Facial recognition clocks ins om mobile and the Jibble attendance kiosk

    Clocks ins just as secure as they are accurate

    With facial recognition

    Say goodbye to time theft and buddy punching by enabling facial recognition for clock-ins. Whether it’s through the mobile app or a shared kiosk, Jibble’s AI-powered facial recognition technology ensures the right contractor is logging their hours, providing peace of mind for site managers.

    Set up facial recognition
  • Track time against activities and projects

    Track time against activities and projects

    So you know exactly where those hours are going

    Easily assign and track time against various construction activities, projects, and clients, allowing you to generate insightful reports for payroll, client billing, job costing, and productivity analysis.

  • A map showing employee GPS locations

    Managing multiple construction sites?

    Enable geolocation for location accuracy

    When geolocation is enabled, Jibble will capture GPS data whenever contractors clock in and out. Access location data by simply clicking on a time entry.

    GPS tracking
  • Geofences areas and employee locations shown on a tablet device.

    Allow clocks in only from authorized work sites

    By enabling geofencing

    Work sites can be scattered and ensuring contractors are where they need to be can be a challenge. But with geofencing, it’s a challenge that’s easily solvable.

    Enable geofencing and set up virtual borders around your work sites. Contractors will only be able to clock in when they’re within authorized locations. Managers can even receive notifications when contractors enter or leave the premises.

    Restrict locations with geofences
  • Tracking time on mobile even when offline.

    Stay on track

    Even when offline!

    With Jibble’s offline tracking feature, construction contractors can seamlessly record their time, regardless of internet connectivity. No need to worry about disruptions or missing data – your time entries are securely stored and will automatically sync once you’re back online. 

    Offline time tracking
  • Time and attendance data displayed on the Jibble dashboard.

    Get a full view of time utilization and work activities

    Right from Jibble’s dashboard

    Find information on who’s in, who’s out, what activities or projects the team has been working on, and for how long. With intuitive filters and customizable charts, you can tailor your dashboard view to focus on what matters most to your operations.

    Manage your team on the Jibble dashboard
  • Budget and project rates viewed from employee timesheets.

    Keep your budget in check

    Set custom rates to keep track of project costs

    Set hourly and overtime rates for each contractor or the entire team, whichever is applicable. Jibble uses your pre-set pay rates to automatically compute payroll hours.

  • Exporting timesheets and time data from mobile.

    Time entries synced straight to timesheets

    Accurate and payroll-ready

    No more time-consuming and error-prone manual time entries. All tracked hours on Jibble are automatically synced to contractor timesheets ready for the next pay period. Export timesheets straight to any of Jibble’s accounting integrations for smooth and efficient payroll management

  • Approving timesheets on the web app.

    Streamline timesheet approvals

    Assign timesheet approvers and set custom pay periods

    Our approvals feature allows owners, admins, and managers to review and approve timesheets directly within the web app, making the process smooth and efficient. Plus, with seamless payroll integration, you can keep your client data synced and ensure accurate payroll every time. 

  • Time and location based reminders.

    Time tracking reminders

    Staying on top of your time tracking has never been easier

    With Jibble’s smart reminders, your team will build a habit of clocking in and out on time, aligning with their busy schedules. Set up reminders based on time or location, ensuring that your team never forgets to log their hours, whether they’re on-site or on the move.

    Enable push notifications
  • Contractor time tracking onboarding process.

    It’s time to start jibbling!

    No time to waste

    Send out invites via email, SMS, or a simple link, and your team will be Jibbling away in minutes. Need a hand along the way? No worries! Our friendly customer support team is on standby 24/7 to lend a helping hand whenever you need it.

    Start onboarding right now!