Attendance tracker for manufacturing

Allow employees who work at manufacturing sites to clock in and out quickly through a central online time clock.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • Speedy Time Clock

    Seamless attendance, verified in seconds

    Clock in a large workforce quickly with Speed Mode enabled in our time clock app.

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  • Advanced Scheduling

    Fix schedules and breaks with reminders

    Set up multiple schedules for shift workers. Get a grip on start and end times, as well as breaks taken.

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  • Automated Timesheets

    Timesheets to paychecks, precise to the minute

    When it’s time to pay salaries, timesheets will be ready with regular and overtime hours worked.

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  • Timely Notifications

    Smart alerts to put supervisors at ease

    Monitor who’s in or out and look into violations on punctuality, break times, and fixed schedules.

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