Attendance Tracking For Manufacturing

Manage Your Workforce With The Jibble Attendance Tracker

Core Features

Time is valuable and you and you can't afford to spend too many hours on administration. Use the Jibble iPad Kiosk for simplified attendance management and payroll for your manufacturing site.

See Who's In Today

Set up the Jibble Attendance Tracker and you will always be up to date who is working, at any point in time.

Biometric Time Clock

You can activate selfies and passcodes to verify your staffs check ins. No more buddy punching!

Payroll Made Easy

Jibble automatically generates daily, weekly or monthly timesheets. An amazing help for your payroll.

"It was tough to monitor team attendance prior to Jibble, but once we got started it was so much easier. Geolocation and customisable activities allowed me to set Jibble up for my team exactly the way I wanted it to be!"
Janelle Raymundo - Admin, Kahon Storage
"I love that Jibble shows me a clear breakdown of how my employees and I spend our time on the job. Having used other time-tracking software, Jibble has me hooked with its ease of use."
Lillis Taylor - Executive Director, Bib & Tucker Sew-Op
"Using Jibble is a sheer pleasure and an unbelievable convenience when it comes to keeping track of my team's time.."
Shafwaan Joubert - Operations Manager, CWiQ Cargo SA

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