Enabling push notifications

Receive notifications and alerts on your mobile device

Push notifications can be sent to your mobile device to inform or alert you about clock in/out reminders, unusual time clock behaviours and other important events regarding your oganization. Push notifications are applicable on both iOS and Android devices.

Choosing specific notifications

To choose specific notifications you want to receive, access Jibble on your web browser.

  1. Go to Your account settings.

    Jibble2 Dashboard  - Your account settings pannel

  2. Under the Notifications section, click on the pencil icon.

    Jibble dashboard notifications edit pencil

  3. Under Reminders & Alerts, select the checkboxes for the reminders and notifications you wish to receive.

    Jibble2 Reminders and alerts settings

  4. Click Save.



  • If you wish to receive these notifications via email, be sure to select the envelope icon on the “Notify me through…” section..

  • To receive these notifications via notifications on your mobile devices, you need to enable the setting on the mobile app.


Enabling push notifications

Once you have chosen the specific notifications you would like to receive, you can enable push notifications in Jibble’s time clock app.

  1. Go to Menu > Personal settings.

  2. Click on Notifications.

  3. Enable the toggle for Push reminders & alerts.


  • Notifications can be turned off at any time by deselecting the specific checkboxes on web or disabling push reminders & alerts on mobile.

  • You can also receive notifications on your mobile devices for: