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Fleet Management Time Tracking Software
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  • GPS tracking app on mobile devices

    Know where your fleet is right on the dot

    With live location tracking

    Get live location data on your drivers whenever they clock in/out using Jibble’s GPS-powered fleet tracker. You can also enable automatic clocking reminders to fleet members when they enter/leave a work site. Managers will be notified of each attendance action.

    Live location tracking
  • Geofence is checked when member clock in

    Set up geofences

    Ensure your team is exactly where they need to be

    Jibble’s employee GPS tracker enforces location restrictions, ensuring your team clocks in at the right place and time. Enable geofencing with mobile (personal mode) or kiosk for efficient location control. Assign team members to specific locations and prevent clock-ins when they are out of range.

    How geofencing works
  • Tracking time and attendance in mobile using facial recognition

    Say goodbye to time theft and buddy punching

    Enable facial recognition for more secure clock ins

    Enable facial recognition to verify your team’s identity during clock-ins. Whether it’s through mobile or shared kiosk, Jibble’s AI technology ensures the right person is at the right place, giving you peace of mind.

    Set up facial recognition
  • Data syncing on the Jibble time and attendance tracking system. Track time on mobile, desktop or tablet.

    Track time wherever you are, on any device

    With your fleet always on the go, flexibility is key

    Access the Jibble app on your iPhone or Android device, or go with the web app or Google Chrome extension when on your laptop or desktop. Give drivers the flexibility to record time on the device that best suits them and your needs.

  • Automated timesheets on web with real-time updates

    Payroll ready timesheets

    View billable hours in real-time

    As soon as your staff submits their timesheets, the data is instantly updated and securely saved to the cloud. No more wasted hours searching through filing cabinets and spreadsheets to bill clients.

    Timesheet app
  • Customize work schedules to be fixed or flexible

    Flexible work schedule arrangements

    Customize work schedules to fit your fleet's diverse needs

    Whether some of your drivers follow a fixed 9 am – 5 pm schedule or have a flexible 40 work week, Jibble allows you to tailor schedules per member or group. Easily create multiple work schedules to accommodate teams spread across different locations. Choose a default work schedule and assign new members to it for seamless organization.

  • Viewing routes of an Employee

    Track driving routes with real-time GPS

    Identify any inefficiencies and optimize routes

    With Jibble’s real-time GPS tracking feature, you can easily view your drivers’ traveled routes, including past entries. Access the details of their entries and a timeline displaying recorded locations throughout their journey.

    GPS tracking
  • Overtime rules by hourly threshold and overtime rates

    Customize billable rates for each driver

    Ensure accurate invoicing every time

    Set up rates in any currency and let the system automatically calculate billable amounts for you. Gain clarity on operation and driver costs effortlessly, and have peace of mind regardless of your billing preferences.

  • Jibble dashboard showcasing time tracked in graphs and piecharts

    Access all the data you need in one dashboard

    No need to search far and wide

    Jibble’s comprehensive dashboard consolidates all your fleet’s data into one centralized location. Get a real-time overview on driver locations, who’s currently working, their clocked time, and activities all at a glance.

    Manage your team on the dashboard
  • Approve or reject timesheets

    Automated approval workflows

    Prevent inconsistent reporting

    Easily review total billable hours and approve timesheets to prevent further edits and ensure logs are in order. Jibble makes it easier for you to run a smarter, more organized business.

    Pay periods and approvals
  • Tracked hours graph, detailed timesheet and hours on activities tracked

    Monitor all operating costs and time spent

    Detailed insights and analytics

    Gain valuable insights into work progress, employee productivity, and operation costs with Jibble’s visual charts and in-depth reports for a more effective fleet management system. Make informed decisions to optimize your fleet operations and boost productivity.

    Reporting and analytics
  • Jibble time tracking integrations with other software

    Integrate with your favorite tools

    For all your billing needs

    Jibble easily integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Deel and other popular accounting software applications, so you can quickly carry over client data to keep all your billing and invoicing needs in check.

    Time and billing integrations
  • Offline-tracking

    No internet? No Problem!

    Keep tracking even when you’re offline

    We know that reliable internet connectivity isn’t always guaranteed, especially for mobile fleets. With Jibble, your team can continue tracking time even in offline mode. Once internet access is restored, all data is automatically synchronized, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Get started in minutes

    Breeze through onboarding

    Invite staff via email, SMS, or by sending them a link to have your team Jibbling in and out within minutes. If you’re ever stuck, our friendly customer support team will be ready to help.

    Start onboarding now!