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Make check-ins a breeze. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to smooth, secure check-ins—launching in a few weeks!

Visitor attendance app
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The perfect solution for seamless event check-ins

  • Time tracking kiosk with face recognition

    Event management just got easier

    Boost your event experience

    Make the arrival process smooth and efficient for attendees and event staff alike. No more waiting in long lines or scrambling with paper guest lists.

  • Tapping NFC or RFID cards onto kiosk to verify attendance

    Lightning-fast check-ins

    Reduce wait times

    Attendees swiftly enter your event with a simple scan of QR codes or a tap. Effortless, quick, and completely hassle-free.

    Visitor attendance app
  • Consultez le total des heures travaillées et des heures supplémentaires, et sachez qui est présent ou absent en temps réel.

    Real-time updates

    No more guessing

    Stay informed at every moment with real-time updates. Monitor attendance numbers and track check-ins as your event unfolds. With instant insights, you’re always in control.

  • Track and manage hotel staff attendance on any device.

    Multi-device sync

    For any device you have on hand

    Our system seamlessly syncs across smartphones, tablets, and computers, giving you the flexibility to oversee attendee registrations, monitor check-in progress, and access event data anytime, anywhere.

    Attendance app
  • Automatic attendance based on geofence

    Level up with geofencing

    For automated check-ins

    Set virtual boundaries around your event venues, ensuring attendees are automatically checked in as they enter and leave designated areas. No more manual check-ins—just seamless event experiences.

    Attendance system with geofencing
  • Rebrand Jibble with your custom brand logo and color schemes

    Customization at your fingertips

    Match your needs

    Tailor your check-in experience to your specific event. From branded welcome screens to custom registration fields, make every touchpoint reflect your event’s personality.

  • Customizable kiosk settings

    No more location limits

    Jibble works across multiple event locations

    Deploy self-service kiosks at different event entrances for swift and independent attendee check-ins, ensuring a smooth event flow across all your locations.

    Online kiosk
  • Accurate time and attendance tracking in offline mode

    No Wi-Fi? No problem

    Offline functionality

    Don’t worry about internet hiccups. With offline functionality, you can carry on with check-ins even without an internet connection. Ensure a smooth event experience regardless of the venue’s tech capabilities.

    Offline attendance app
  • Configure language settings to use Jibble in your preferred language

    Multilingual support

    Welcome guests from around the world

    Language barriers are a thing of the past as attendees can navigate the check-in process in their preferred language.

    Configuring language settings
  • Reporting and analytics

    Attendance patterns and check-in statistics

    Gain valuable insights into your event’s performance with detailed reporting and analytics. Track attendance trends, peak check-in times, and more to fine-tune your future events for success.

    Attendance management
  • Send invitation to members by email, SMS or via links

    No-stress setup

    Get started in minutes

    Forget about complicated installations and tech headaches. Our user-friendly interface and easy setup process ensure that you can get your check-in system up and running in no time. Need assistance? Our support team is here for you round the clock.

  • Attendance Software

    Ready to revolutionize your events?

    It's quick, easy, and FREE

    Whether you’re hosting a conference, workshop, or gala, make every check-in moment count. Simply download the app, input your event details, and start checking in attendees within minutes. It’s that simple! 

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