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Optimize your events with Jibble. Simplify check-ins, track attendance, and stay engaged - launching in a few weeks!

Conference Attendance
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Simplify check-ins, track attendance, and optimize your conference experience!

  • Ability to use an NFC card with Jibble

    Effortless check-ins

    Say goodbye to conference chaos

    Attendees quickly breeze through entry using convenient NFC technology or QR codes, minimizing congestion and allowing everyone to focus on what truly matters – the event itself.

    NFC attendance
  • Jibble weekly timesheet showing time tracked in a week

    Real-time attendance tracking

    For an exceptionally smooth event experience

    Gain instant insights into session attendance, allowing you to efficiently allocate resources and adjust schedules on the fly for a seamless event flow.

    Attendance tracker
  • Automatic attendance based on geofence

    Smart location-based check-ins

    Ditch the queues!

    Define specific areas within the venue for check-ins, sessions, or exhibitor booths. Automatically check-in attendees as they enter designated areas of your conference venue.

  • Jibble displayed on mobile, web, and kiosk.

    Convenient attendance at various locations

    Scalable for any event

    Distribute check-in across multiple kiosks placed throughout your venue, preventing bottlenecks and long queues, especially during peak arrival times.

  • Capture details and information in Jibble

    Customizable data capture

    Gather precise information from attendees

    Collect all the information you need – names, email addresses, company affiliations, and more – for effective post-conference follow-up.

  • Push and email notifications to the mobile device

    Never miss a session

    Personalized session reminders

    Set personalized session reminders and receive timely notifications before talks begin. Plan your day effectively and ensure you never miss an important discussion or presentation.

  • Time entries are saved even when offline and synced to timesheets once back online.

    Stay connected anywhere, anytime

    Stay engaged even when offline

    Jibble ensures full attendance tracking no matter where you are. Enjoy uninterrupted participation whether you’re in a session room or on the go.

    Offline attendance app
  • Export data into XLS or CSV

    Insights at your fingertips

    Detailed attendance analytics

    Track session attendance, total conference hours, and more. These insights not only help you keep a record of your participation but also pave the way for future event planning success.

  • Configure language settings to use Jibble in your preferred language

    Jibble speaks your language

    Multi-language support

    Get your attendees jibbling fast with support for English, French, Spanish, and more to come!  Break language barriers and create an inclusive conference environment for all.

    Configuring language settings
  • Send invitation to members by email, SMS or via links

    Quick and easy setup

    Getting started with Jibble is a breeze

    Experience hassle-free implementation, our app offers a quick and easy setup process, getting your attendees up and running in no time. And if you encounter any roadblocks, our dedicated team is here to help you 24/7.

  • Attendance Software

    The ultimate companion for your events

    Empowering your event success

    Jibble is more than just an app—it’s your ultimate companion for event excellence. From streamlined check-ins to personalized reminders and robust analytics, we help you elevate every aspect of your conference journey.