100% Free Employee Attendance App

Jibble's attendance app captures real-time data for accurate attendance, projects and activities

  • Real-time data for accurate attendance

    Monitor employee productivity while on the go

    Attendance data synced to cloud so you can monitor team performance whether on the road or at office.

  • Employee-friendly attendance

    Improved productivity comes with transparency

    Set up your company holiday calendar and work schedule to accurately monitor worked hours whether on work days or rest days.

  • Secure attendance data with technology

    Eliminate buddy punching and time thefts

    Ensure accurate attendance with Face Recognition and Geolocation technology. Make sure your team is in the right place at the right time.

  • Set up an Attendance Kiosk

    Make attendance a habit for your entire team

    Use Speed Mode to clock in team members automatically when they stand in front of a kiosk. By using face recognition technology, you can eliminate queues and buddy punching with our Attendance Kiosk.

  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics

    Get detailed attendance analytics on any device

    Detailed analytics to help you identify attendance patterns, monitor employee productivity,  and budget costs.