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Automate absence management with Jibble's absence tracking software. Free forever for unlimited users.

Track absences and leave on any device
  • Time tracking software on web browser and mobile phone

    Track absences on any device, anywhere

    Make absence management easy

    Employees can log holiday and absence via their mobile or desktops and view actions taken on their requests, no matter when and where they are. 

    Time clock app
  • Sample of Custom Policies

    Customizable absence types

    For all your needs

    Track all types of absences, including sick leave, annual leave, emergency leave or vacation leave. Easily create unpaid or paid policies and decide how many days or hours members are entitled to.

    Creating time off policies
  • Multiple groups on web

    Need different rules for different teams?

    Jibble scales with your organization

    With Jibble’s flexible grouping, you can create multiple groups and assign specific groups and/or members to different policies, each having different rules. Jibble helps you keep absences under control.

  • Importing a calendar based on country

    Manage holidays from across the world

    Configurable holiday calendars

    Managing public holidays for employees from across the globe can be a challenge. With Jibble, you can easily add holiday calendars for multiple countries to ensure compliance both locally and globally.

    Managing public holiday calendars
  • Applying for leave by the day or the hour

    Transparency for your workforce

    Employee-friendly absence tracker

    Jibble’s absence tracking software gives your team transparency over their leave. Staff can review their policies, request for absence, view how many days they have taken, and how many they have left, without worry.

    Time off entitlements and balances
  • Approving or rejecting leave

    Review and approve absence requests

    Everything you were looking for

    Save hours of time spent processing leave requests. Team members submit absence requests via the web or mobile while managers approve or reject, all done in a flash.

    Managing time off for your team
  • PTO and leave management

    View absences at a glance

    Keep on top of absenteeism

    View absences at-a-glance to know who’s away or who has an upcoming vacation, so you can ensure you are never short handed. With you having an overview of all absences, employees will think twice about missing work. 

  • Timesheets for Payroll

    Absence data straight into timesheets

    Automatic payroll processing

    Timesheets are updated in real-time and automatically calculates all absences, so you don’t have to rely on manual processes. Eliminate potential human errors and save time with Jibble’s absence tracking software. 

    Timesheet app
  • Gain insights into employee absences with attendance insights report

    Absence trends & reporting

    With Jibble’s Attendance Insights Report

    Get all the insights you need when it comes to absences, including late clock ins, early clock outs and total time lost. Quickly identify trends and patterns so you can develop solutions before they become a problem. 

    Exporting attendance reports
  • Schedule to receive daily team attendance report via email

    Schedule attendance reports

    Daily via email

    Select which day (or everyday) and what time your team attendance reports should be sent to you via email. Automatically receive reports periodically and let Jibble handle your employee absences for you.

    What are the different e-mails & alerts I can receive?
  • Get onboarded quickly

    Get up and running in minutes

    Getting started is easy

    Create an account and invite team members via email, SMS or send them a link via messaging apps. If you need any assistance or have any questions, our friendly customer support team will be happy to help.

  • Time tracking software with face recognition for mobile

    Jibble is much more than just an absence tracker

    All you need in one platform

    Jibble is also a complete employee time and attendance solution that simplifies time tracking via face recognition or GPS tracking, helps automate payroll processes and reduces administrative tasks.

    Time & attendance software