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Time and Attendance App
  • Jibble Work Management Kiosk

    Shared attendance kiosk

    Turn any mobile device into a central attendance hub

    Simplify attendance and time tracking for your dental team with Jibble’s shared kiosk. To make punctual clocking in/out a habit, place your kiosk in an easily accessible location inside the clinic.

    Pro Tip: Activate Speed Mode for automatic clock-ins when employees stand in front of it. No more long queues – just efficient attendance management.

  • Instant face recognition on speed mode kiosk

    Clock in with a smile!

    Facial recognition for secure clock-ins

    Ensure the right person is at the right place. Jibble’s facial recognition technology guarantees accurate check-ins, whether on mobile or at the shared kiosk, giving you peace of mind that attendance records are always reliable.

  • Data syncing on the Jibble time and attendance tracking system. Track time on mobile, desktop or tablet.

    Real-time attendance data

    Know the moment your dental hygienist or receptionist is in

    Attendance data is automatically synced from the app to the cloud, offering you instant access whether you’re on the move or at the office. This way you can assign tasks more efficiently using up-to-the-minute insights. 

  • Carwash Attendance System

    Say goodbye to payroll headaches

    …with Jibble's payroll ready timesheets

    Jibble’s payroll-ready timesheets ensure accurate billing by capturing all billable hours, including overtime and paid breaks, in real-time. The total billable amount for each employee is computed based on the custom hourly rate you’ve set on the app.

  • Approve or reject timesheets

    Streamline timesheet approvals

    No need to sift through files and spreadsheets!

    As soon as your staff submits their timesheets, the data is securely saved to the cloud, so you can access it on the app for approval anytime. Assign admins and managers to approve timesheets for their team members for even greater efficiency.

  • Timesheet data shown on dashboard

    Dashboard insights

    Monitor time and attendance all from Jibble’s dashboard

    No need to go far. Right from the dashboard you’ll be able to see who’s in and out in real-time, check all tracked work hours, and track what activities everybody’s been working on and for how long. View this data by day, week, or month.

  • Geofence reminders on mobile

    Set up geofences around your clinic

    Ensure employees are exactly where they need to be

    Geofences are like virtual boundaries you can place around your clinic. When enabled, team members can only clock in and out from these authorized locations. You can also receive notifications when employees enter or leave a work site. This adds an extra layer of precision to attendance.

    Manage locations and geofences
  • Customize work schedules to be fixed or flexible

    Flexible scheduling

    Create the perfect work schedule for your dental team

    Whether it’s fixed clinic hours or varied appointments, Jibble lets you create custom schedules per member or group. Keep everyone in sync, optimize patient care, and ensure the smooth operation of your dental practice. 

    Manage work schedules
  • Reports on time tracked on client, project and activity

    Track time against different activities

    Know where your team’s time is going

    Jibble lets you set up specific dental activities like cleanings, fillings, or patient consultations within the app. Employees can select which activity they’ll be working on when they’re clocked in. This helps you see exactly how your dental team spends their time, so you can make smart choices to enhance efficiency.

    Set up activities
  • Take breaks in sync

    Set up personalized breaks on work schedules

    From lunchtime to quick breathers, allocate durations and time slots, ensuring your team takes essential breaks when needed without disrupting your clinic’s operations.

  • Leave management feature of a timesheet system for teachers.

    Painless leave management

    Keep your clinic running smoothly without staffing gaps

    Jibble streamlines time-off requests and approvals, whether you’re at your desk or on the move. Effortlessly oversee your team’s leave by adding days off and taking prompt action on requests, all within the Jibble platform.

    Create time off policies
  • A timesheet with detailed hourly, daily and weekly reporting. Activity/ group time spent illustration and clock in/out time graph.

    Customizable Reports

    Get the scoop on your dental practice with Jibble's powerful reporting feature

    From tracking hours to monitoring your dental team’s productivity, our visual charts and detailed reports are like X-rays for your operations.

    Export reports as CSV, XLS, or straight to your payroll software. Plus, you can schedule automatic team reports – they’ll be delivered right to your inbox. It can’t get any more convenient than that!

    Learn how to export reports
  • Four types of settings

    Take charge of employee time

    Customize entry settings and time tracking policies

    Set up verification methods, like requiring PINs or selfies when team members clock in and out. You can also set work schedule restrictions to prevent team members from clocking in or out too early. Jibble gives you the flexibility to manage time tracking effectively and ensure accurate attendance records.

  • Clock in reminder via push notifications and email

    No more forgetting to jibble in or out!

    Create a clocking routine with Jibble's smart reminders

    Our automated reminders ensure that your team members clock in and out on time according to their schedules.

    Set reminders for clocking in when they arrive at work, clocking out when they leave, or even for the start and end of their work period. You can also trigger location-based reminders when your team members are at the workplace, encouraging timely clock-ins and clock-outs.

    Enable push notifications
  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Quick and simple onboarding

    Have your dental team up and running in minutes

    Send out invites via email, SMS, or a link – our step-by-step instructions ensure a seamless setup. Need a hand? Our friendly support team is at your service 24/7.

    Start onboarding now - it's FREE!