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Streamline student attendance with Jibble’s roll call app. Free for unlimited users.

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  • Overview of timesheets on different platforms

    An all-in-one roll call app for classrooms

    Say goodbye to paperwork!

    Juggling between classroom hours, lesson planning, admin meetings, and deadlines can be chaotic. Let Jibble’s user-friendly roll call app automate student attendance for you.

  • Time management cartoon illustration for Jibble

    Use mobile, tablet or desktop...

    ...to tap, snap and Jibble in!

    Manual roll calls can take up to 15% of your lecture time. Have students mark attendance with Jibble’s mobile or web app using their devices when they reach class.

    Or set up a shared online kiosk in your classroom to let students check in from a central location.

  • Instant face recognition on speed mode kiosk

    Advanced AI face recognition

    For secure attendance

    Our advanced face recognition attendance system eliminates the risk of proxy attendance once and for all. Students simply have to select their name from the class roster, show their face on camera, and their attendance gets recorded automatically.

    And, for larger classes, you can pair it with speed mode for ultra-fast attendance!

    Face Recognition Attendance
  • Kiosk-entries-with-activitiesprojects-and-clients-Arabic

    Create project and activity tags...

    ...to keep a close eye on student progress

    Jibble’s roll call app records student hours with project and activity tags, which you can create according to different class courses.

    Once checked in, students can switch between different tags for lecture hours and study groups to accurately track time spent in the classroom.

  • Daily timesheets view on the web app

    View attendance data on timesheets

    Secure and organized

    Jibble accurately records student attendance on timesheets, giving you an overview of daily activities that students spend their time on. Timesheets also instantly update on Jibble’s cloud storage, making sure attendance records are safe, always.

  • Tapping NFC or RFID cards onto kiosk to verify attendance

    Try NFC or RFID tracking

    Next-level attendance

    You can also use Jibble’s roll call app to set up NFC attendance or RFID attendance to streamline student roll calls. NFC or RFID tracking uses tags or cards with unique IDs to track attendance. These tags or cards can mark student attendance in seconds once they are tapped with a tag/card reader.

    If you don’t have an NFC or RFID-enabled device, Jibble’s roll call app seamlessly connects with external readers. Simply connect an external reader with your mobile or tablet and Jibble away!

  • Offline-tracking

    Offline attendance tracking

    For when you have spotty internet

    Have a poor internet connection on a field trip? Jibble’s roll call app records student attendance offline as well. When a secure connection is established, Jibble securely updates all attendance data to our central cloud storage, making it easy to access it from any device, anywhere.

  • Different time tracking settings; flexible, moderate, strict and custom

    Your classroom. Your rules.

    Set custom policies for attendance tracking

    Ensuring accurate student attendance has never been this easy. Choose one of Jibble’s preset plans to set rules for students to check in for class or design your custom plan according to your classroom’s requirements.

  • Track absences and leave on any device

    Review student absences and approve leaves

    With Jibble's absence tracker

    Keeping up with student absences and leave can be a huge hassle, but Jibble’s roll call app helps you with precise absence tracking. Create custom absence categories, such as ‘sick leave’, or ‘family emergency’ to label student absences.

    Students can also use Jibble to request leave. Once a student requests a leave, you can approve it right through the app.

    Student Absence Tracker
  • Jibble dashboard showcasing time tracked in graphs and piecharts

    Intuitive dashboard...

    ...with real-time attendance analytics

    Have full control with Jibble’s detailed dashboard, which lets you know who’s clocked in for class, who hasn’t, and who’s on leave for the day.

  • Mobile showing attendance reminders

    Automated reminders

    For regular attendance

    With Jibble’s roll call app, set location or time-based reminders in sync with class schedules to ensure students always show up for class on time.

  • Detailed-reporting-and-analytics

    Detailed attendance reports

    Deep insights into student attendance trends

    Jibble’s robust reporting feature lets you view student attendance reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, helping you identify attendance trends in your classroom.

    You can schedule to receive these reports on a timely basis via e-mail. Export-ready attendance reports can also be easily shared with school administration and parents.

  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Enrolling students is as easy as ABC

    And our friendly customer support is available 24/7

    Send invites to students by email, link, or even SMS. With Jibble, it takes just a few minutes to get your class onboard. And if you ever find yourself in a fix, our customer support is always ready to lend a helping hand.