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  • Asim Qureshi CEO Jibble

    Jibble: time tracking that's truly different

    I’m Asim Qureshi, CEO of Jibble, and a former Vice President at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

    Listen, I didn’t leave all that behind just to build another time tracking software! Jibble is truly different, and I’m going to tell you why in most cases, choosing Apploye over Jibble simply doesn’t add up. Let me briefly give you an overview of why your team needs to be jibbling, not apploying… not only because it rolls off the tongue way better, but because Jibble offers you so much more. 

  • Apploye dashboard

    Why seek Apploye alternatives?

    Explore better time tracking solution

    Apploye is has carefully curated features that offer a comprehensive solution to (almost) everything businesses need to keep tabs on teams, performance, and progress. 

    However, its dashboard customization and integration options are quite limited, which affects user experience and usability negatively. Apploye’s reporting capabilities also need more detail and power so that businesses can get better insights. 

    The software offers computer monitoring and screenshotting features that may be quite useful for accountability purposes. However, it could also feel invasive of employees’ privacy and may be a cause of friction between teams and management. 

    But to cap it all off, I think that the biggest reason why you should choose and Apploye alternative is because some of its features require more development and polishing. You wouldn’t entrust your business to something with half-baked features, would you? 

  • Overview of Jibble dashboard in web

    Why choose Jibble?

    It’s your best choice as the ultimate Apploye alternative

    Jibble is a time tracking solution that shares many similar features to Apploye, but we do them even better — and we don’t do them half-heartedly! We’re 100% focused on time tracking, which is why we’re so good at it. That’s why many of our users have switched over from Apploye — they appreciate the amount of care we’ve put into ensuring that they have a high-quality experience in using our product.

    Designed around the concept of straightforward usage with maximum impact reflected in our clean and uncluttered interface, the simplicity of operation, and the lack of complicated processes in our features, Jibble presents a better-looking and better-functioning Apploye alternative. Plus, because we’ve built Jibble on clean architecture, our software has significantly fewer bugs than Apploye. 

    Unlike Apploye, Jibble is highly customizable and our software allows you to achieve a greater degree of flexibility. Whether it be the timesheets, roles, permissions, work rules, approvals, tracking, or settings for particular groups or the entire organization, Jibble can be aligned to your specific requirements with ease. 

    Attendance is also made better and more secure with facial recognition. In addition to that, our GPS tracking system is top-notch and capable of pinpointing the whereabouts of employees accurately while they’re on the clock. You also don’t have to worry about mobile functionality, because Jibble has fully functional and feature-rich mobile apps that allow you to work on anything, anytime, anywhere. 

    Now, in comparison to Apploye’s reporting capabilities, Jibble’s insights are far more advanced, giving you an advantage for a better understanding of how time is spent in your business. We also have powerful payroll and invoicing capabilities that significantly reduce admin time and ultimately save you resources. 

    Best of all? Our 100% FREE forever plan serves the needs of small businesses well without them spending a single cent. 

    We’re also continuously working on Jibble to ensure that our product performs optimally at all times, and that our features can address dynamically changing needs. Check out our product portal to find out more about what we released over the last couple of months and what we have planned!

    Jibble's Upgrade Plans
  • Graphic of a woman giving a high rating using five stars. Image by Freepik

    Higher ratings on review platforms

    And more recognition where it matters

    Apploye goes head-to-head with Jibble on Software Advice with both being rated at 5/5. However, users favor Jibble more on G2 (4.6/5) and the App Store (4.8/5) when compared with Apploye’s ratings on the same platforms (G2 (4.5/5) and App Store (4/5)).

    Plus, we’re also recognized as a Category Leader in Time Tracking, Time Clock, Attendance Tracking, Workforce Management, and Leave management System categories on GetApp, and we’re featured on the Capterra Shortlist™ in the categories of Time Tracking Software and Attendance Tracking Software for 2023, Time Clock Software for 2021 and 2023, and Leave Management System Software of 2022.

  • Illustration of a team making choices

    Better feature packages and a 100% FREE plan

    More generous feature packages and the choice to use a free version — something Apploye doesn’t have

    Apploye has two paid plans: the Standard ( for in-house team time tracking) at $2.5 per user per month, and the Elite (for remote and hybrid teams). It does not have a free plan at all, and the features on the lower tier are quite limited in comparison with the higher tier, which honestly feels like they’re just out to get people to subscribe to the higher-priced plan to get better value for their money. 

    Jibble offers plans with more generous feature selections. Our 100% free forever plan adequately covers the needs of most small businesses without costing them a single cent, and is available for unlimited users. While that’s enough for quite a lot of happy users, they can have even more power by upgrading to the Premium plan at only $2.49 per user per month for enhanced time tracking capabilities with detailed reports and overtime calculations, and our Ultimate plan is only $4.99 per user per month for limitless time tracking with project and client-based tracking designed for teams that require advanced time tracking features. Teams with custom needs or more than 500 members can opt to get our Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

    By choosing Jibble as an Apploye alternative, you get the most back out of your buck, plus you can also use the software for free, forever. Only upgrade to a paid plan if you need more power, but otherwise, rock on without spending a single cent!

  • Remote-staff-love-Jibble-2-Arabic

    Track time from anywhere

    On mobile, desktops, laptops and tablets

    Work can take you to places you’ve never been before, so you gotta have multiple options for time tracking from the comfort of your desk to the rigors of the road. 

    With Jibble, you can clock in and out of work using our web app, track time straight from the browser tab you’re working on with the extension, on-site with a shared kiosk, or with mobile apps for Android and iOS when you’re out and about. Unlike the Apploye apps, our mobile apps are feature-rich, stable, and truly reliable for work on the go. 

    It even remembers when your employees forget; Jibble ensures that they never miss out on tracking their work hours through automated time-based or location-based reminders and auto clock-outs.

    When you choose Jibble as an Apploye alternative, there’s no more reason not to capture every minute of working time, no matter where you may be. Have the confidence to go where work takes you, or take work with you wherever you go… even to places where there’s no internet connection!

  • Facial recognition and GPS tracking on mobile

    Next-level technology

    With face recognition and GPS tracking

    To ensure that the right person is checking in at the right location, Jibble offers next-level security measures with facial recognition and GPS tracking. 

    The facial recognition functionality compares the facial features of the person clocking in with the unique facial landmarks of the person in the profile photo for the account stored in the system and flags any mismatches to prevent unauthorized entry. The geolocation system accurately captures the user’s location upon checking in and monitors their whereabouts while they are on the clock. Together, these features help eliminate buddy punching and other time theft shenanigans that drain you of precious resources. They also help ensure that you have visibility of everyone’s locations while helping inculcate the value of accountability across the ranks in the process. 

    Apploye has a GPS tracking feature, but it totally lacks a facial recognition feature, which limits its protection against time theft — yet another reason why you should consider getting Jibble as your Apploye alternative.

  • JIbble is easily accessible via MS Teams and Slack bots. Track project time without leave MS Teams or Slack.

    Clock in within Microsoft Teams and Slack

    Jibble’s unique advantage

    Another reason to look for a Apploye alternative is because of its lack of options to clock in with these modern workplace essentials. Sure, it works fine for on-site work, but it’s limiting for industries with mostly desk-based operations such as marketing and advertising, information technology and services, and remote freelancers.

    Jibble allows you to take your time tracking experience to the next level by revolutionizing the way you manage work hours. You can track time from within MS Teams and Slack directly, and with ease. With just a few clicks, managers can see who’s in and working on which projects, and gain visibility on progress as it happens.

  • Dashboard displays tracked time per member or everyone in the organization

    Real-time visibility

    …so you never miss a thing

    Apploye does a fair job at keeping records of who clocked in our out when, but it doesn’t quite have the depth of visibility that Jibble offers. 

    Real-time entry recording with Jibble means that you have a clear and up-to-the-minute picture of your work. Gain real-time visibility into your team’s presence, absence, or leaves, and access essential time entry details such as entry method, device usage, locations, selfies, and flagged entries. 

    With that much power right at your fingertips, you’ll always be on top of everything that goes on in your business.

  • Time card calculator

    Automated timesheet calculations

    …and streamlined approvals so payroll is never late

    With Jibble, timesheets are updated in real-time with data tracked from user activities. Worked hours, breaks, and overtime are automatically categorized and populated into timesheets, which are then auto-calculated according to easily configurable rates. Jibble saves you a lot of time (and money!) by doing all the heavy lifting and number-crunching.

    All that’s left to do is for employees to verify their entries and once confirmed correct, managers can approve them for payroll. The best thing about it? They can do all of these using only one app from anywhere and on any device! 

    This smooth and efficient automated process ensures that payroll is on time, every time. And if you ever need additional calculations, timesheets can be exported in CSV or XLS formats to your payroll and accounting software, or use the open API for even more possibilities. 

  • Activities employees are spending time on

    Understand where those hours are going

    Track time across activities, projects, and clients

    With Jibble, you can track time across activities, projects, and clients with ease by allowing employees to select what task they wish to track time for right at the moment of clocking in. 

    This results in well-organized time entries that save managers a lot of admin time — no more stressing over attributing time entries to projects with this level of compartmentalization. Plus, organized time entries also make the reports more focused and truly reflective of actual time usage. 

  • Comprehensive scheduling

    Customized work schedules for seamless operation

    Aside from time tracking and timesheet calculations, scheduling is also a very important part of keeping your business truly organized and productive. Apploye has task and job scheduling features, but they’re not nearly as powerful as what we offer in our Apploye Alternative.

    With Jibble, you can kiss scheduling woes goodbye using our straightforward scheduling functionalities that simplify how schedules are made. Decide who works when, how long breaks should be, and have the power to change anything and everything according to dynamically changing business needs and resource availability. 

  • Applying for leave with Jibble

    Seamless leave tracking

    ….and it’s 100% FREE!

    Scheduling works great, now what? Now you have to ensure that your team members are getting the time off they deserve so they can be at their best… and so your business remains compliant with state and federal leave legislations.

    Here at Jibble, we understand the importance of leave management for precise time tracking. That’s why we came up with an integral and dedicated suite of time-off management features to streamline requests and approvals and allow business owners to see how time off adds up.

    Jibble’s PTO tracker is not only free but also incredibly user-friendly. Employees can apply for various leave types that managers can approve in a matter of clicks on any device. No more chasing signatures and awkward negotiations for well-deserved time off!

  • Attendance analytics

    Powerful reporting and analytics

    For data-driven decision-making

    Good reports are the backbone of great business decisions. That’s why it’s important to have access to analytic tools when you’re managing a business. Especially when you have dreams of making it big!

    The lack of robust reporting features is another reason why you should look for a more comprehensive Apploye alternative. Jibble allows you to dive deep into productivity and attendance reports to analyze attendance patterns and time allocation so you can identify areas for improvement. Explore detailed data, from clock-in locations and device utilization to selfie captures and offline entries, all at your fingertips.

    Engaging visual charts and insightful reports dive deep into the data to give you a clear view of how projects and tasks are progressing, how productive teams and individual employees are, how much resources are spent to achieve your goals, and how to best address challenges that pose a threat to productivity.

    Best of all, our reports are highly customizable and can be configured to unique analytic structures for unique business needs so you can see the data you need in the way that makes the most sense to you. These can also be exported as CSV or XLS files for further processing and even more power. 

  • Logos of apps Jibble integrates with

    Integrate Jibble with your favorite tools

    …and we’re adding more to our list!

    Integrate Jibble with popular project management platforms, messaging tools, and accounting or payroll software including QuickBooks and Deel. Sync time data across your apps with ease and utilize Jibble’s open API for limitless integration possibilities. Best of all, these integrations are all 100% FREE! 

    While we already have a good number of integrations, we’re working on even more to ensure that we can cater to almost all of your needs. In comparison, Apploye’s integrations can be counted with the fingers of one hand — that’s quite a huge difference and yet another reason why you should choose Jibble as your Apploye alternative.


  • Get onboarded quickly

    Experience the Jibble difference

    Make the switch today and unleash your full potential!

    By choosing Jibble, you’re choosing the best Apploye alternative so you can do even more things with just one powerful tool. Invite your employees via email, SMS, or a shareable link, and you’re all set.

    We’ll guide you through the process when you sign up and get started with Jibble’s FREE version. And if you ever need assistance, our world-class customer support team is just one chat away, ready to help you in your journey. We’re with you every step of the way.

    I want to start onboarding my team now!