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Connect Jibble with Zoho Books to manage work hours and simplify your financial processes.

Sending payroll hours from Jibble to other platforms
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    About Zoho Books

    Cloud-based smart accounting software

    Zoho Books is an online accounting platform that helps you keep up with bills and invoices, reconcile your bank statements, oversee projects, and eliminate compliance worries.

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    Zoho Books + Jibble integration

    How it works

    Track worked hours with the ultimate time tracker, get detailed timesheets, and easily send time entries to Zoho Books for efficient and hassle-free invoicing.

  • Timesheets on web app and mobile app

    Automated tracking

    Log hours from anywhere

    Eliminate the hassle of manually logging hours. Jibble automatically turns time entries into timesheets – we help you handle all the calculations, from regular hours to overtime hours.

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  • Tracked hours graph, detailed timesheet and hours on activities tracked

    Powerful reporting & analytics

    Insights you never knew you needed

    Drill down into detailed reports and visual charts to identify patterns & employee productivity, analyze time spent, and improve time utilization, so you can make smarter choices for your business.

    Reporting and analytics
  • Timesheets for Payroll, add time entry button and approved payroll

    Ready to process payroll?

    We've got you covered

    With Jibble, employees’ hours are instantly transformed into payroll-ready timesheet reports. Get all the data you need and easily create items or sales invoices in Zoho Books.

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  • Get onboarded quickly

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    Integrate Jibble with Zoho Books in minutes

    1. Create an account with Jibble. It’s free forever for unlimited users.
    2. Go to Integrations in Jibble and click on Zoho Books.
    3. Connect your Jibble account to your Zoho Books account via Zapier.
    4. Choose and sort triggers and actions between Jibble and Zoho Books.
    5. That’s it!

    Connecting Zapier linked integrations