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  • Clocking in, taking breaks, and clocking out via Chrome time tracking extension

    Time blocking made simple and easy

    No training required

    Spend less time figuring out time blocking software and more time maximizing your productivity with Jibble. One click of a button is all that’s needed to start your timer. Track time via the web browser on any device, or through the mobile app if you’re on the move.

  • Activities and Projects

    Keep your finger on the pulse

    And see where time is spent

    Track time by activity, project, or client to see where your and your team’s hours are going. It’s never been so easy to organize your time. Switch between activities without clocking out.

  • Comprehensive reports of time data

    Powerful reporting

    Automated and updated in real-time

    Detailed reporting and analytics to help you manage team productivity and budget costs. See how many hours were spent on what activity, so you can ensure that your focus is where it needs to be.

  • Setup of daily and hourly time tracking reminders

    Jibble remembers when you forget

    Reminders and automation

    Jibble is designed to seamlessly align with your productivity requirements. Whether it’s time-based reminders or auto-clock outs, Jibble ensures seamless time blocking.

    Remind your team members to clock in when they arrive at work, out when they leave work, when their work starts and ends, or clock them out automatically after a certain time.

    Enable push notifications
  • Display of Jibble's integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack

    Track time using Microsoft Teams or Slack

    Another reason why staff love Jibble

    With Jibble, staff can use Microsoft Teams time tracking or Slack time tracking for time blocking. They can also switch activities and leave notes. Further, managers can see timesheets within Microsoft Teams and Slack and can see who’s working on what. Take time tracking to a new level.

  • Clock in to Jibble via the Chrome Extension

    Use the Chrome extension

    Track time from any tab

    Track time directly in your favourite project management tools without a hassle. With Jibble’s Chrome Extension, your timer is just a click away. Start or stop the timer from anywhere with Ctrl+Shift+S to save you time and increase the efficiency of your workflow.

  • Customize work schedules to be fixed or flexible

    Limit work time

    And create customized work schedules

    Jibble lets you define work hours, set weekly time limits, breaks, and days off. No more hassle in managing complex schedules – simply customize your time blocks to fit the unique needs of your team or individual members.

  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Say goodbye to complex onboarding processes.

    With Jibble, setting up your time blocking system is quick and easy

    Invite your team members via email, SMS, or a simple link, and witness them seamlessly transition into the world of Jibbling. Our quick and simple onboarding ensures that your team is up and running within minutes.

    Start onboarding NOW!