100% FREE MS Teams Time and Attendance Integration

Seamlessly track employee attendance in real-time and automate time capture within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment.

MS Teams Clock in and out tab
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  • Jibble dashboard embedded in Microsoft Teams

    Real-time attendance tracking

    Directly within MS Teams

    Experience real-time tracking of employee attendance directly within Teams. Monitor who’s present, absent, or on leave instantly, providing team leaders with up-to-date information.

    Using Jibble in Microsoft Teams
  • Clock in and out with Jibble's functionalities within Microsoft Teams

    Automated bot commands

    For on-the-go productivity

    Employees can effortlessly clock in, take breaks, and clock out using bot commands or Jibble’s embedded app within MS Teams’ web or mobile applications. Ensure smooth and convenient tracking, even while on the move.

    Microsoft Teams time tracking
  • Jibble time tracking software integrations with different platforms

    Effortless integration, enhanced productivity

    Teamwork redefined

    With a user-friendly setup, connecting Jibble to Teams is swift and straightforward. Enjoy the convenience of accessing Jibble’s time tracking and attendance management directly within the collaborative environment of Teams.

  • Tracking activities and projects

    Simplified project management

    Save valuable time and effort

    Understand how employees are spending their time on specific projects and clients, and generate accurate timesheets and reports directly from Teams.

    Project time tracker
  • Automatic sync of time entries across all platforms

    Seamless time and attendance syncing

    Across all devices and platforms

    Experience seamless synchronization of time and attendance data across your organization’s systems. With effortless integration and real-time syncing capabilities, ensure accuracy and consistency in tracking employee hours.

    Time clock app
  • Customize work schedules to be fixed or flexible

    Customizable schedule management

    Seamless coordination of team schedules

    Customize schedules effortlessly within Jibble to create tailored arrangements for team members. Then, integrate these schedules into Microsoft Teams, ensuring smooth adherence to set timelines and arrangements.

  • Schedule to receive time reports via email

    Comprehensive reports and analytics

    Schedule reports in MS Teams

    Schedule and receive detailed time and attendance reports effortlessly within MS Teams. Gain valuable visibility into productivity, project timelines, and attendance trends, all conveniently accessible within the familiar Teams interface.

    Time tracker with reporting and analytics
  • Reminders and alerts in MS Teams

    Effortless notifications for punctuality

    Streamline attendance processes

    Stay updated on schedules and attendance status with personalized reminders and notifications. Receive alerts in Teams for clock-ins, breaks, and clock-outs, ensuring adherence to schedules and efficient time tracking.

    Setting up reminders
  • Send invitation to members by email, SMS or via links

    Onboarding made simple

    Get jibbling in minutes

    1. Create an account with Jibble. It’s free forever for unlimited users.
    2. Go to the Integrations section within Jibble, locate Microsoft Teams, and establish the connection.
    3. Invite your team members through Jibble via email, SMS, or by sending them a link.
    4. That’s it!


    Get onboarded NOW!