Time off entitlements and balances

Manage leave entitlements and balances for seamless leave management

Once time off policies have been created using Jibble’s PTO tracking software, you will be able to view the total entitled amount and time off balances for each team member. If you haven’t already, check out creating time off policies.

Time off balances are only applicable on the Premium and Ultimate plan. 

This article covers:

Leave balances overview

You can find leave balances for your team by going to the Time Off page and clicking on the Leave Balances tab. As an owner or admin, you’ll see a list of all team members with their respective Entitled, Taken and Balance amounts for each type of time off policy. Managers will be able to see a list of the team members they manage whereas members will only be able to see their own leave balances.

Leave balance overview on web

On the leave balances overview, you’ll see a few columns:

  • Leave policy – Name of the time off policy assigned
  • Entitled – Total number of entitled days/hours earned based on the time off accrual policies
  • Taken – Total number of approved time off days/hours
  • Balance – Total number of remaining days/hours left. Any carried forward leaves will be added to this column

Negative leave balances

Negative leave balances allows for leaves to be applied for in advance. When a user requests for time off that exceeds the total days/hours they are entitled to, leave balances will be shown in negative.

For accrued time off that has not been earned i.e. under a waiting period, leave balances will be added once the set threshold date is reached.


Ana is assigned to a time off policy (Policy A) of 12 days entitlement to be earned based on her join date, with a  3-month waiting period. Ana joins the organization on the 1st of January. At this point in time, her leave balance is 0 as she has not reached the waiting period threshold. On the 1st of February, Ana applies for a 3-day leave. During the application, she notices that her leave balance is -3 days. Come 1st of April (3 months after join date), her leave balance will be 9 days (-3 days + 12 days).

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