What are the key types of time and attendance systems available?

Here are just a few time and attendance systems:

1. No monitoring, just relying on a physical presence

This works well for very small teams.

2. Pen and paper

Again, it could work well for small teams where time needs to be recorded. Of course, it is open to abuse.

3. Card-based punch clocks

Systemized but open to abuse, time-consuming to get the data from the cards, the cards are not backed up, and all of it is prone to errors. Again, this could work well for small organizations where the team visibility is high.

4. Electronic (non-cloud-based) punch clocks

Typically expensive to set up, they become obsolete quickly, the data isn’t available real time, and the data is not backed up.

5. A cloud-based time and attendance software

Yes, we’re selling this, but this is the way forward because it addresses all the issues of the other systems – which is why they’ve become so popular.

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