Facial Recognition

Verify your staff's Biometric Attendance with Facial Recognition

How it works

Enable the Facial Recognition Power-Up and you will receive instant notifications

  1. Enable Facial Recognition

  2. Setup the baseline photo for your staff members. You can upload a new one, or use an existing one.

  3. Jibble In/Out as usual. If someone has a suspicious entry, you will automatically be notified.

Set Your Baseline Photo

When your staff Jibbles In/Out with locations you can easily see where they actually worked and how long they have spent there. Great for sales reports!

Receive Mismatch Emails

If there is a mismatch between selfies that are captured with the Kiosk, facial recognition will automatically send you an e-mail about suspicious behaviour.

Power-up Jibble

Each organisation is different so power-up Jibble to suit your needs and set it up just the way you want. We are developing more features all the time.

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