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Manage construction crew leaves like a pro with Jibble’s PTO software for construction. Free for unlimited users.

PTO Software for Construction
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  • Two workers looking over a construction project.

    Construction projects are tough

    And deadlines can be tight

    The last thing you need is an understaffed crew because of misaligned leaves and time off. With Jibble you can easily set up your leave policies, streamline requests and approvals, and monitor paid time off (PTO) entitlements all in one place. Sync staff leave with your project schedules, so your construction crew remains fully equipped to meet tight deadlines. 

  • Creating custom time off policies for construction using Jibble.

    Create time-off rules that align with your company's requirements

    Custom leaves, seamless implementation

    Assign leave policies to specific groups or members and mark them as paid or unpaid. With paid leave, you have the flexibility to set up accrual policies, allowing employees to earn time off at a specified rate.

    Create time off policies
  • Review and take action on leave requests wherever you are and on any device.

    Streamline time off requests and approvals

    Take leave actions in the office or on the go

    With just a few clicks, your team can submit leave requests directly from their devices, ensuring no downtime in the leave management process. Managers can then review and approve these requests wherever they are.

  • Checking leave balances and entitlements.

    Check on leave entitlements

    Ditch the messy file cabinets and head straight to Jibble

    Find details on leave policy names, carried-over balances, entitlements, amendments, time taken, and remaining balances all in one place. Whether it’s paid or unpaid time off, you’ll have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

  • Leave notifications for updates on leave request status and new leave requests.

    Stay on top of leave actions

    With time off notifications

    Depending on your role within the platform, you’ll receive notifications for various time off actions. Owners, admins, and managers will be alerted when team members request, cancel, or modify time off requests, ensuring timely responses and efficient scheduling. Members on the other hand will receive notifications on any action taken on their leave requests.

    Enable time off notifications
  • PTO management software with time tracking and attendance capabilities.

    More than just PTO

    Use Jibble to keep attendance and work hours in line

    Log attendance and track time with a few quick taps. Attendance and time data is synced straight to employee timesheets so you don’t have to waste time on manual entries. Export timesheets as XLS or CSV files. Or better yet, export them straight to your payroll software every pay period.

    Time and attendance software
  • Construction worker clocking in with a quick face scan.

    Ensure accurate clock-ins

    With an added layer of security through facial recognition technology

    Enable facial recognition so your employees can clock in with a quick face scan. This makes clock-ins quick but also much more accurate, ensuring only the right people can track their time. No more time theft and buddy punching problems!

    How facial recognition works
  • A map of employee locations shown on the Jibble mobile app.

    Location matters in construction

    Especially if you work in multiple worksites

    Monitor employee locations from your phone or computer, ensuring that everyone is where they need to be. Plus, with geofencing capabilities, you can set up virtual boundaries around specific work sites to prevent unauthorized clock-ins outside construction site locations. Stay connected with your team and maintain visibility across all construction sites

    GPS tracking
  • Time entries are saved even when offline and synced to timesheets once back online.

    Ensure accurate timesheets

    Even when the signal's down!

    With Jibble’s offline tracking feature, you can keep tabs on your time even on remote job sites where the internet is spotty. No more worries about losing data or missing clock-ins leading to inaccurate timesheets. Your time entries are securely saved and automatically synced once you’re back online.

    Offline tracking
  • Invite members via email, SMS or link/

    Cement accuracy and efficiency in your PTO management processes

    Get your crew onboarded today!

    Invite your team members via email, SMS, or by sending them a quick link. Our step-by-step guidance ensures a smooth setup process, and if you run into any roadblocks, our customer support team is here to help whenever you need it.

    Start onboarding right now!