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Attendance App

  • A group of workers sitting across a table in a coworking space.

    Coworking spaces run on flexible occupancy options

    And keeping track of member attendance is paramount

    Accurate attendance tracking equals accurate member billing, allowing coworking spaces to charge members based on their actual usage of the space. Whether it’s hourly rates, daily passes, or monthly subscriptions, transparent and reliable attendance tracking ensures fair and accurate billing. A win-win for you and your coworking community.

  • Tapping NFC or RFID cards onto kiosk to verify attendance

    Make attendance seamless

    Have customers clock in with a quick tap

    No more hassle with manual attendance sheets. With Jibble’s RFID/NFC technology, clients can easily clock in with just a quick tap. Attendance is verified within seconds, allowing members to go straight to their work without interruptions.

  • Using speed mode on the Jibble attendance kiosk to clock in.

    Self check-in convenience

    Transform mobile and tablet devices into a shared attendance kiosk

    Jibble’s kiosk feature ensures that attendance is accurately recorded and centralized for easy management. Members simply walk up to the kiosk and check themselves in within seconds.

    Place kiosks near entrances so your coworking space customers are prompted to clock in before entering.

    Online attendance kiosk
  • Log attendance from a shared kiosk.

    Enhanced attendance accuracy

    With facial recognition technology

    Enable facial recognition with Jibble to verify the identity of clients during clock-ins. Whether it’s through the mobile app or a shared kiosk, Jibble’s AI technology ensures that only authorized individuals can have access to your coworking spaces.

    Face recognition attendance system
  • A view of timesheets from the Jibble time tracking software.

    Charge your spaces by the hour?

    Easily track space usage by the minute

    Track time spent in shared offices and desk spaces. Calculate charges based on actual usage, providing fair and transparent billing for your clients.

  • Real time attendance data displayed on multiple devices.

    Stay on top of space usage and member attendance

    All in real-time

    View how many people are in your coworking space at any given time, all right from your iPhone, Android device, laptop, or desktop. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay in control, wherever you are and on any device.

  • Setting fixed and flexible schedules on the Jibble attendance management system.

    Accommodate diverse scheduling preferences

    With Jibble's custom scheduling feature

    Whether someone needs access to the space for the entire day, specific hours per day, or on certain days of the week, Jibble’s flexible scheduling feature allows you to stay on top of member schedules so you can better accommodate diverse working arrangements.

    Manage work schedules
  • Visual charts and time data from Jibble's reports.

    Powerful reporting

    Detailed insights for better management

    Monitor key metrics such as space usage, traffic times, and occupancy to ensure efficient operation of your coworking space. With Jibble’s detailed reports, you can identify trends, adjust operating hours, and make informed decisions to optimize space utilization.

    Reporting and Analytics
  • Overtime customization settings on hourly or accelerated basis

    Keep an eye on those extra hours

    Set limits on how many hours visitors can work in the space

    Get notified when a member exceeds their daily or weekly time allotment. Set additional charges for overtime when applicable.

  • Different accounting apps that can be integrated with Jibble for seamless client billing.

    Keep member billing in check

    With seamless billing integrations

    Bill members with accuracy whether you charge on a per day, per month, or per hour basis. Jibble integrates smoothly with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Deel, and other popular accounting software applications. This allows you to carry over client data swiftly and ensures that all your billing and invoicing needs are accurately managed.

  • Onboarding only takes minutes with Jibble.

    Time to level up the way you manage your coworking space

    Onboarding takes only minutes

    Set up your member attendance system in minutes. Invite your staff to join Jibble via email, SMS, or by sending them a link.

    Our step-by-step guidance ensures a smooth setup process, and if you ever need help, our friendly customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

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