Jibble vs Clockify: Why you should migrate over to Jibble from Clockify


Written by Asim Qureshi
By Asim Qureshi, CEO Jibble

Hi, I’m Asim Qureshi, the CEO and co-founder of Jibble, the ultimate time and attendance tracking software. As the CEO of a company, I understand how crucial time tracking is for any business. It’s the lifeblood of any business, ensuring you stay on top of projects, tasks, and, ultimately, your bottom line. 


Clockify has undeniably made a significant mark in the time tracking and productivity industry, offering a range of praiseWORTHY features that have helped countless businesses streamline their operations. Clockify’s journey in providing time tracking solutions has resulted in a loyal user base, and their commitment to facilitating efficient time tracking is genuinely impressive. It’s a platform that has effectively served countless organizations.

However, in the spirit of healthy competition and my unwavering commitment to helping businesses optimize their time management, I’d like to share three compelling reasons why migrating to Jibble from Clockify could be a game-changer. Yes, I think that in most cases, Jibble will be significantly better for your business than Clockify.

In fact, some of the most renowned players in the game, including companies like Tesla, NHS, Pepsi, Hyundai, and Harvard University, have made the transition to Jibble for their time tracking needs. Their trust in Jibble speaks volumes, and if they’ve discovered value in Jibble, it’s certainly worth your consideration.

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To demonstrate my confidence, I’m giving a special offer exclusively for Clockify users at the end of this article. But before we get to that, let’s explore the three key reasons why switching to Jibble makes sense for your business:

1. Interface

Why should something as simple as the interface matter so much? Well, because time is precious, and no one wants to waste it away on complex software. While Clockify certainly boasts some strengths, some users, including myself, have encountered a few navigation challenges in its interface. For instance, the settings tab can feel like an intricate maze of options, leaving you wondering if you’ll ever find your way out – not exactly the epitome of user-friendliness.

To be fair, I’m not alone in my assessment. Upon checking Clockify’s reviews, it became apparent that other users have also found it a bit overwhelming, with complaints about the clunky and non-intuitive nature of its interface.

Clockify review: “The user-interface is too harsh and really difficult to use. We can’t find the ways of what needs to be done when a whole lot of tracking is done simultaneously.” (Source: G2)

On the flip side, Jibble’s interface offers a sleeker and more intuitive experience. With well-organized menu sections and clearly labeled buttons, it’s effortless to navigate. Even those less tech-savvy among us can feel like tech wizards using Jibble. Its user-friendly design has been put to the test, and Jibble users can vouch for it!

Jibble review: “From the moment I started using this app, I was impressed by its sleek and intuitive interface. Navigating through the various features was a breeze, and I didn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how everything works. This user-friendly design gets a big thumbs up from me!” (Source: Capterra)

2. Reporting

Reporting isn’t just about numbers; it’s about uncovering the secrets hidden in those numbers. Unfortunately, Clockify often leaves users with more questions than answers in this regard. While it does provide some reports, they often lack critical information. For instance, Clockify offers location tracking, but curiously, those location details don’t always make it into your reports.

Clockify review: “The reporting at times has been borderline useless, at best incredibly confusing.” (Source: Capterra)

Now, let’s switch gears. Jibble goes above and beyond when it comes to reporting, not just scratching the surface but offering a detailed breakdown of your data. From what device was used to clock in, the precise locations of your team when they record their entries to whether an entry was made offline or if it got flagged, Jibble provides a magnifying glass for uncovering patterns and productivity levels.

Jibble review: “The reporting and analytics feature is a goldmine. The detailed reports provide a comprehensive overview of my time allocation, helping me identify trends and areas for improvement. It’s like having a personal productivity coach right at my fingertips!” (Source: Capterra)

3. Mobile Accessibility

When it comes to time tracking, we need it to be as mobile as we are, especially if you’re hustling in the field or constantly on the move. Clockify’s mobile experience, while functional, doesn’t exactly set speed records. Slow loading times, glitches, and an offline mode that occasionally stumbles have been sources of frustration for users on the go.

Now, I don’t like to point fingers, but I’m not the first to point out these issues. Other users have also experienced occasional bugs and glitches while using Clockify’s mobile app.

Clockify review: “The mobile app is not as easy to use compared to its web version. And it tends to be a bit buggy at times. The app, in general, suffers from occasional bugs and has to be reset most of the time.” (Source: Capterra)

On the contrary, Jibble’s mobile app is exceptionally lightweight and dependable, ensuring smooth operation without delays or glitches when you need it the most. Equipped with top-notch facial recognition, geolocation tracking, and an offline mode that works even when you’re in the middle of nowhere, it provides a truly seamless mobile experience. Clockify’s mobile app, while functional, can feel a tad restrictive in comparison.

Jibble review: “Our office just began using Jibble 2 a month ago for staff time tracking. Everyone really likes it. It’s effective, it’s easy, and dare I say, kind of fun. The app sends staff helpful reminders to clock in and out, and it keeps everyone accountable for where they are.” (Source: App Store)

Jibble: Where Time Tracking Becomes a Breeze

In conclusion, while Clockify undoubtedly serves as an excellent time tracking tool and brings significant value to companies, I genuinely believe that Jibble offers an even more comprehensive solution that can help your organization thrive. If you’re looking for a time tracking and attendance management tool that goes the extra mile to cater to your unique needs, Jibble is your answer. If you’d like to dive deeper into my thoughts on Clockify, check out my honest and unbiased Clockify review.

I understand that transitioning between software platforms can seem like a daunting task, but fret not. If you’re concerned about losing data, Jibble’s Clockify migration tool makes it easy and breezy. Not only will it help you easily migrate to Jibble from Clockify, but you can rest assured your invaluable data stays intact, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

As a special bonus for loyal Clockify users who have been with them for over a year, I’m offering you the cherry on top. Make the switch and migrate over to Jibble from Clockify, and you’ll receive a whopping 6 months FREE on any plan! That’s half a year of top-tier time tracking, courtesy of Jibble. And even if your journey with Clockify has only reached the 6-month milestone, we’re not one to let your loyalty go unnoticed. We’ll give you a 3-month FREE subscription on any plan you pick!. It’s our way of extending a warm “Welcome to the family” to you.

To sum it up, the clock is ticking (pun intended), and the choice is yours to make. Jibble shines in areas such as user experience, comprehensive reporting, usability, and speed, but I’m not here to discredit Clockify’s accomplishments. Instead, I invite you to explore Jibble through our free trial and discover for yourself what sets us apart.

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