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Time Tracking

Managing university attendance takes a lot of work. Let Jibble simplify it for you.

  • Jibble Work Management Kiosk

    Set up a central attendance hub 

    …with Jibble's shared Kiosk

    Jibble’s Kiosk lets your university students and staff easily clock in and out using a shared tablet or even a regular phone. Install a kiosk for every department or in the teacher’s office for easy access.

  • A quick process of facial recognition

    Enable speed mode

    Fast and accurate attendance powered by facial recognition

    Don’t let long kiosk lines make your faculty or students late for class. With Speed Mode enabled, students and teachers can simply stand in front of the Kiosk, and they’re instantly clocked in. It’s as easy as that!

    Set up facial recognition
  • Time tracking with advanced RFID and NFC technology

    Prefer NFC tags to facial scans?

    Jibble also has you covered

    Let students and teachers punch in their attendance by simply using their NFC-tagged school ID. Jibble readily supports NFC tags so all you need is an NFC-enabled device, like your phone, and you’re ready to go! All it takes is one tap.

    NFC attendance
  • Geofence is checked when member clock in

    Set geofences

    Only allow attendance clock-ins on campus

    Imagine geofencing as setting up invisible boundaries around your university. Activate geofencing restrictions to allow clock-ins only within specific zones. Team members outside these zones won’t be able to clock in or out.

    Learn more about geofencing
  • Dashboard overview

    Know what your teaching staff are up to

    Get real-time attendance data from Jibble's Dashboard

    It can be hard to know where your professors are and what classes they’re teaching at such a huge university. But with Jibble’s Dashboard, you can get a bird’s eye view on everything from who’s in, who’s out, what activities they’re  doing, and their locations. Consider it your personal campus guide!

    Manage your university staff on the dashboard
  • Jibble displayed on mobile, web, and kiosk.

    Jibble gets an A+ in device compatibility

    Manage attendance on phones, tablets, desktops, or laptops

    Whether you’re on the move or stationed at your desk, manage university attendance flawlessly from any device. Jibble adapts to your campus lifestyle. 

  • Push and email notifications as reminders

    Location and time-based alerts

    Never forget to log attendance

    Set up attendance alerts that work in sync with your class schedules. You can also set location-based alerts that remind students and staff to log their attendance during specific times or when they’re within the school zone.

    Enable push notifications
  • Choose the members to be a part of a group

    Craft customized university schedules

    ...with Jibble's flexible scheduling options

    Whether you’re managing professors with fixed lecture hours or administrative staff with varying workweeks, Jibble empowers you to create tailored schedules on a per-member or group basis. Effortlessly design multiple schedules to accommodate different departments or campuses.

  • Select the best settings that meets your organization's requirements

    Customizable attendance rules

    Tailor-made for university needs

    Every university operates uniquely. Jibble’s customizable attendance rules give you the power to mold the tracking process according to your institution’s needs. Customize clock-in rules, work schedule restrictions, and leave policies for each class or staff group. Keep it all in sync with your university’s rhythm.

  • A timesheet with detailed hourly, daily and weekly reporting. Activity/ group time spent illustration and clock in/out time graph.

    Accurate attendance reports

    Export reports as XLS files for seamless recordkeeping

    Each state has specific rules for maintaining a master record of attendance for each student. Jibble’s robust reporting ensures effortless compliance. Aside from compliance, you can also use reports to understand attendance patterns, track absences, and monitor trends.

    Reporting and Analytics
  • Jibble dashboard -Arabic

    Simple and easy to use

    University life is already hard enough, why make attendance management harder?

    Jibble’s interface is simple and user-friendly. Access all features easily. Log attendance, access reports, and customize settings with just a few clicks.

  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Seamless onboarding for universities

    Get your attendance sorted in no time

    Have your students and university staff set up by sending them an invitation via email, SMS, or a simple link. Our step-by-step guidance ensures a smooth onboarding experience. Need assistance? Our round-the-clock customer support team is here to help.

    Start onboarding now - it's FREE!