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  • Automated work hour calculations

    ...for mobile, desktop and tablet

    Track time easily with Jibble’s work hours calculator which works on your mobile, desktop and tablet. Calculate your employees’ time at the office, warehouse or retail store, on-site, or remote.

  • ...go straight into timesheets


    Tracked hours automatically go directly into timesheets, that can be viewed by employees, saving you money and time.

  • ...that are payroll ready

    Simpler payroll for everyone

    Timesheets that can be viewed on your mobile and are payroll-ready to help you automatically calculate worked hours, and overtime, and easily set up billable hours. Hence, you know how much to pay everyone.

  • ...or must be approved first

    ...by assigned managers

    For larger teams, calculated work hours can require a manager to approve them before they are ready for payroll.

  • ...for export

    ...in Excel or CSV format

    Export your timesheet if you need to perform additional calculations for payroll. You can then easily upload your timesheet data onto your payroll or accounting software.

  • ...or connect with Jibble's API

    Integrate Jibble with your payroll or accounting software

    Jibble’s open API allows you to integrate your payroll or accounting software with Jibble’s payroll hours tracker.

  • Multiple overtime settings

    Jibble calculates work time to suit your organization

    Get accurate overtime payments every time. Whether you want to calculate overtime after a set minimum time worked, have paid or unpaid breaks, or allow time before the scheduled hours, Jibble calculates work time and overtime to suit your organization and make your payroll easy.

  • Jibble calculates hours

    ... both tracked and payroll

    Tracked hours are the hours your team track when they clock in and out, whereas the payroll hours are ultimately the hours you use to pay your team. With Jibble, your payroll hours can be the same as tracked hours or they can be different based on your settings.

  • Work hours calculated by activity

    ...project or client

    Jibble allows you to calculate work hours by activity, project or client, ideal for billing and to help you understand where those hours are going.

  • Detailed analytics

    Powerful insights

    Calculate employee work hours with our daily, weekly, and monthly time cards. Use our multiple filters to identify patterns and improve attendance.

  • Super fast onboarding

    With great customer support when you need it

    Invite your staff via SMS, email or by sending them a link. You can have your team using Jibble to calculate work hours within minutes and if you get stuck just reach out to us via chat and our customer support team will be there to help.

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