100% FREE Time Tracking for Nonprofits and Volunteers

Time tracking for nonprofits and volunteers. FREE for unlimited users or enjoy a 50% lifetime discount on all paid plans.

A look at the dashboard of the Jibble accountant time and billing software

Empower your non-profit with our free time tracking app for unlimited users, plus enjoy a 50% discount on upgrades!

  • Data syncing on the Jibble time and attendance tracking system. Track time on mobile, desktop or tablet.

    Accurate time tracking

    Keep your efforts in perfect sync

    Effortlessly track hours down to the minute from anywhere, anytime. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calculations and unreliable spreadsheets so you can focus on what truly matters—making a positive impact.

  • Face recognition required to successfully clock in

    On any device, anywhere

    Keep nonprofit teams on track

    Transform your mobile device or tablet into a self-service time clock with advanced features such as seamless facial recognition, high-quality image capture, and precise GPS tracking.

    Time clock app
  • Mobile clock in and web app dashboard clock in

    50% OFF for life for nonprofits

    Improve efficiency and save money

    With Jibble, time tracking is completely free of charge. And if you want more, we’re offering a 50% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on all paid plans for nonprofits. Simply get in touch with our customer support team, send in your supporting documents and let us be your partner in creating a better world.

    Claim a 50% lifetime discount for nonprofit time tracking
  • Tracking activities and projects

    Track by project or activity

    Faster project insights

    Easily create projects and activities and assign volunteers or employees to specific tasks. Whether it’s projects, campaigns or volunteer tasks, you can access real-time insights to determine how and where your grant funding is being utilized.

    Project time tracker
  • Choose the members to be a part of a group

    Efficient group management

    Coordinate multiple teams at once

    Whether you need to create separate teams for volunteers and employees or customize permissions for specific teams, Jibble lets you sort individuals into different groups, assign team leaders, customize access levels and gain comprehensive insights across teams.

  • Overtime rules by hourly threshold and overtime rates

    Automated overtime calculations

    With customizable overtime rules

    With Jibble, tracking overtime becomes a breeze. Whether you have specific regulations or want to accommodate your volunteers’ availability, you can simply customize overtime thresholds, rules, or rates and let us handle the calculations for you.

    Employee overtime tracker
  • Customize work schedules to be fixed or flexible

    Customizable schedules

    Tailored to your requirements

    In the world of nonprofits and volunteers, flexibility is key. Whether you have part-time volunteers or employees working irregular hours, Jibble allows you to easily define working hours, breaks, and rest days that align with their availability.

  • Push and email notifications as reminders

    Automated reminders

    Run your nonprofit on autopilot

    Eliminate the risk of missed or inaccurate time entries. With friendly reminders prompting you to log your hours, Jibble helps you stay accountable and ensures you never miss a beat.

  • Schedule to receive time reports via email

    Schedule time reports

    Daily or weekly via email

    With scheduled reports, you can set up automated reports to be generated and delivered at regular intervals. Stay up-to-date with the information you need, without the effort of manual requests.

  • The overview tells you who applied for leave and when

    Streamlined leave tracking

    Effortlessly track and manage leaves

    Say goodbye to scattered leave requests and confusion. Volunteers and employees can easily submit leave requests and supervisors can review and approve requests, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual processes.

    PTO tracking software
  • Automatically calculate work hours and overtime

    Payroll-ready timesheets

    Simplify payroll processing

    From calculating hours worked, overtime, and applying specific pay rates or deductions, Jibble automates the entire process, so you can ensure timely payroll and enjoy the ease of a hands-free payroll experience.

    Payroll hours tracker
  • Pie charts & bar charts to show tracked data

    Insightful reports and analytics

    Uncover deeper insights

    Gaining a deeper understanding of time utilization trends, project progress, and volunteer contributions has never been easier. Visual charts and comprehensive reports offer valuable insights at a glance, allowing you to effortlessly demonstrate to grantors how funds were utilized.

  • Logos of apps Jibble integrates with

    Seamless integrations

    Connect and streamline your workflows

    Seamlessly integrate Jibble with your existing tools and software. From project management to communication tools and accounting software, our integrations ensure smooth data flow so you can forget about manual data entry.

    Time tracking integrations
  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Onboarding is a breeze

    With support when you need it

    Simply sign up, invite your employees or volunteers via email, SMS, or by sharing a link, and you’re all set to go! Plus, if you ever need assistance or have any questions, our friendly customer support team is here to help.

    Get started today!