Best conditions for facial recognition

What are the conditions that should be met for facial recognition

Once you set up and enabled facial recognition by configuring the time tracking policy for your team, they will be able to track time with facial recognition.

Requirement: Your team must set up their face data before they are able to use the facial recognition.

To get the best out of facial recognition, be sure these facial recognition conditions are met:

  1. Their faces are contained in the circle or boundaries shown on the screen. If they stand too far or too close to the camera, they might not be recognised by the system.

  2. They have a good lighting source. This means they should not use facial recognition in a dark environment.

  3. Any source of light (the sun or artificial lights) should not be behind them.

  4. No face masks. Their entire face must be captured.

  5. Glasses don’t make a difference.

  6. Hijabs and anything over their heads are fine as long as it does not block their entire face.

  7. If there are any significant changes to your team member’s faces, such as shaving their facial hair or growing a full beard, they might be required to update their face data.


If you keep getting rejected by facial recognition and are unable to clock in, you need to redo/update your face data. You can do that on your Account settings if you’re a team member, or on the person’s profile if you’re an owner/admin/manager.