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Track time anywhere on your browser and have it automatically synced with employee timesheets using the Jibble Chrome Timesheet App. Easy, accurate, and 100% FREE!

Tracking time on chrome extension
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  • Clocking in, taking breaks, and clocking out via Chrome time tracking extension

    Track time wherever you are on Chrome

    All it takes is a few clicks

    Whether you’re searching through the web, working on a Google Doc, or reading messages on Slack, the Jibble Chrome timesheet app lets you track time without a hitch. Start and stop the timer with just a few clicks. No more switching between multiple tabs!

  • Chrome extension keyboard shortcuts

    Level up efficiency

    ...with handy keyboard shortcuts

    Save precious time by leveraging Jibble’s keyboard shortcuts. A simple CTRL+Shift+S and you’re clocked in and ready to go; the same goes for clocking out. Hassle-free time tracking, as it should be.

  • Activity report with illustration of meeting with clock

    Organize your time entries

    By projects and tasks

    Track time against specific projects and tasks so you know exactly where those hours are going. Quickly switch between activities throughout the day as you need to, wherever you are on Chrome. 

    Project time tracker
  • Time data updated in real-time in timesheets

    Accurate timesheets with auto-syncing

    No room for guesswork

    All time data logged via Jibble’s Chrome timesheet app is automatically synced to employee timesheets to ensure accuracy. You can also view time entries by the day right from the timer extension without having to access the web app. Check how much time was spent on each activity or project so you can pay confidently for the hours worked.

  • Exporting timesheet data to XLS, CSV or payroll platform

    Transform timesheet data into powerful reports

    Valuable insights at your fingertips

    Jibble lets you dive deeper into your staff’s work hours with customized reports and visual charts. Export your timesheets in seconds – whether as CSV or XLS files. Use them for payroll or recordkeeping to ensure accuracy all the way.

    Exporting timesheets
  • Highlighting texts with Jibble's Chrome Extension to be included as notes

    Text-based time tracking

    Capture notes even faster

    Highlight any text on a page, right-click, and choose Jibble from the menu to instantly create an entry with the highlighted text automatically included as a note. Jibble allows you to capture important information in seconds.

  • Jibble time tracking software integrations with different platforms

    Connect Jibble with your favorite tools

    One extension, countless integrations

    With Jibble’s built-in integrations and flexible APIs, syncing data across your preferred tools and platforms is a breeze. Be it project management, payroll, calendars, or communication apps, Jibble ensures a seamless flow of data, improved collaboration, and perfect alignment between time tracking and workforce management.

  • Chrome extension timer button embedded in Jira

    Seamlessly sync project data

    With Asana, Airtable, Jira and Notion

    Track time directly from the familiar environments of Asana, Airtable, Jira, and Notion. You can even sync project data from these platforms with Jibble’s activities and projects. This ensures that your time records are up-to-date and reflective of your actual work, making reporting more accurate and streamlined.

    Stay focused on work, and let us take care of the timekeeping.

  • Using Jibble's timer chrome extension in Google Calendar

    Turn calendar events into time entries

    With Jibble's Google Calendar integration

    Jibble’s integration with Google Calendar lets you seamlessly track time for meetings and events directly within your calendar. Not only that, but jibbling directly from an event automatically converts the event title into a time entry note so you can have more precise activity records. Talk about convenience.

    Google Calendar time tracking
  • Setting up reminders and auto clock out via Chrome timer extension

    Never forget to jibble

    …with smart reminders

    Jibble’s reminders cover all bases. Whether it’s reminding your team to clock in when their shift starts or to clock out at the end of the day, Jibble has you covered. You can even set up automatic clock-outs after a specified time to reduce interruptions and enhance efficiency.

  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    No fuss onboarding

    Get your team set up in minutes

    Invite your team effortlessly via email, link, or SMS, and have them jibbling in and out within minutes. And don’t worry if you hit a roadblock – our customer support team is just a chat away, ensuring you get assistance right when you need it.

    Get Jibble's Chrome timesheet app NOW!