Turn every device into a time clock

Set up a tablet at your workplace for team members to clock in and out with facial recognition.

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  • Time tracking with AI-driven verification

    Use facial recognition, PIN or a combination of both to ensure that the right team members clock in.

  • Speed mode

    Get rid of queues, save loads of time

    Team members are automatically clocked in when they stand in front of the camera.

  • Set it up as a fixed kiosk at your workplace

    Strategically mount a tablet at fixed onsite locations so clocking time becomes a habit.

  • Portable time clock for teams on the go

    Managers or shift leaders can turn any mobile phone or tablet into a portable time clock so they can clock in everyone onsite from their device.

  • Offline mode

    No internet? No problem. All data will be stored locally and synced back to the server when you’re back online.