10 Reasons Why You Should Use a PTO Tracking Software

Written by Asim Qureshi
By Asim Qureshi, CEO Jibble

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As working professionals, we all deserve a break from our daily grind. Whether it’s to recharge, travel, or just spend time with family and friends, paid time off (PTO) is a crucial aspect of employee benefits. However, keeping track of PTO can be a headache for both employees and employers alike. That’s where PTO tracking software comes in, making it easier to manage and track PTO requests, approvals, and balances.

In this article, we’ll explore what PTO is, the benefits of PTO tracking software, and why it’s important for both employees and employers. Whilst the term PTO is mostly used in the US, the majority of the world outside the US calls it ‘leave’.

What is PTO?

As the modern workplace becomes more focused on employee well-being, paid time off (PTO) has become a staple of many employee benefits packages. Paid time off (PTO) refers to the time off from work that an employee is compensated for. It’s a form of employee benefit that allows employees to take time off for various reasons, such as vacations, holidays, sick days, personal days, or family emergencies. PTO policies vary from company to company, but generally, employees are given a certain number of PTO days per year. The amount of PTO an employee receives is often based on their years of service or job level.

Why is PTO important?

PTO is important for both employees and employers. For employees, it provides a much-needed break from work, reduces stress, and helps prevent burnout. It also allows employees to take care of personal and family matters without worrying about losing pay or their job. For employers, offering PTO can help attract and retain talent, increase employee morale and job satisfaction, and improve productivity by reducing absenteeism and turnover.

PTO policies can vary widely depending on the employer and the industry, but in general, most full-time employees can expect to receive between 10 and 30 days of PTO each year, depending on the country. Part-time employees and contractors may receive a pro-rated amount of PTO based on the number of hours they work.

However, managing PTO can be a time-consuming task for HR departments, particularly in larger companies with many employees. Keeping track of each employee’s accrued PTO, approving or denying requests, and ensuring compliance with company policies and legal requirements can be a complex and challenging process. This is why more and more employers are looking to PTO tracking software to streamline and automate the PTO management process.

What is PTO tracking software?

PTO tracking software is a tool that helps employers and employees manage PTO requests, approvals, and balances. It automates the PTO process, making it easier to keep track of PTO requests and approvals, and ensures that employees are not taking more time off than they are entitled to. It also provides real-time visibility into PTO balances and eliminates the need for manual tracking, reducing errors and administrative burden. PTO tracking software can streamline and automate many of the tasks involved in managing PTO, making it easier and more efficient for HR departments to administer this important employee benefit. 

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What are the Benefits of Using PTO Tracking Software?

Here are some of the key benefits of using a PTO tracking software:

  • Simplifies the PTO process: One of the most time-consuming aspects of managing PTO is tracking requests and approvals. Employees may have to fill out paper forms, send emails to their managers, or enter requests into a web-based system. Managers may then have to manually review and approve each request, which can be a slow and frustrating process. With PTO tracking software, employees can submit requests through a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process. Managers can then review and approve or deny requests in just a few clicks, saving time and reducing the risk of errors or miscommunications.
  • No More Micromanagement: With PTO tracking software, employees have real-time visibility into their PTO balances and accruals. This means they no longer need to constantly check in with HR or their manager to see how much time off they have left. This frees up their time and allows them to plan their time off better. It also shows that the company trusts them to manage their time responsibly.
  • Accurate and Consistent PTO Tracking: Manual PTO tracking can lead to errors, such as incorrect PTO balances or approvals. PTO tracking software eliminates these errors, ensuring that PTO balances and approvals are accurate. This also ensures that all employees are being treated fairly and consistently, regardless of their department or manager.
  • Easy Accessibility: PTO tracking software is usually cloud-based, which means employees can access it from anywhere at any time. This is particularly beneficial for remote workers or employees who travel frequently. It also means that managers can approve or reject PTO requests on the go, making the process even more streamlined.
  • Hassle-Free PTO Requests: PTO tracking software simplifies the process of requesting and approving PTO by automating the entire process. Employees can request PTO online, and managers can approve or reject requests with a few clicks. This saves time and eliminates the need for paper-based systems or manual tracking. It also ensures that all necessary information is included in the request, such as the reason for the time off and the dates requested.
  • Eliminates PTO Abuse: PTO tracking software helps prevent PTO abuse by ensuring that all requests are properly reviewed and approved. It also provides transparency into PTO balances, which can deter employees from taking advantage of the system. This helps create a fair and consistent work environment for all employees.
  • Improved Compliance: PTO tracking software ensures that PTO policies are compliant with state and federal regulations. This reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties and fines, which can be costly for employers. It also ensures that all employees are being treated fairly and equitably, which can improve company morale and overall employee satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: Employees value PTO as a benefit, and having a user-friendly PTO tracking system can enhance their overall job satisfaction. By automating the PTO process and providing real-time visibility into PTO balances, employees can plan their time off better, reducing stress and burnout. This can lead to a happier and more productive workforce.
  • Improved Company Morale: A PTO tracking system can also improve overall company morale. When employees feel that their time off is being managed fairly and accurately, they are more likely to feel valued and appreciated. This can lead to increased loyalty and engagement, and can help attract and retain top talent.
  • Cost Savings: PTO tracking software can save employers costs by reducing administrative burden, eliminating errors, and ensuring compliance. By automating the PTO process, it reduces the need for HR staff to spend time manually tracking PTO, saving valuable time and resources. It also helps prevent costly compliance fines and penalties. Overall, using PTO tracking software can provide a significant return on investment for employers.


PTO management and approval with Jibble

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, PTO tracking software can provide numerous benefits for both employers and employees. By streamlining the PTO process, increasing transparency, reducing administrative burden and enhancing employee satisfaction, PTO tracking software can be a valuable investment for any organization. With customizable options, mobile access, integration with other HR systems, and reporting and analytics capabilities, PTO tracking software can help organizations manage their time off policies more effectively and efficiently.

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