100% FREE Xero Timesheet Integration

Streamline timesheet management with Jibble's timesheet integration with Xero. Free forever for unlimited users.

Illustration for sending timesheet data to Xero
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  • Xero and Jibble integration

    Effortless integration

    Seamlessly sync Jibble with Xero

    Say goodbye to manual entries! With Jibble seamlessly integrated into Xero, you can send tracked hours and related data over to Xero without a hassle. Access all your tracked hours and related data within Xero hassle-free. Enhance your payroll management with accurate time tracking and easy data access.

    Connect Xero with Jibble
  • Activity report with illustration of meeting with clock

    Extensive time tracking capabilities

    Extensive analytics and insights

    Access both summarized and detailed timesheet reports. Filter by customized dates, specific groups, or individual employees. Gain insights into total tracked time for each team member alongside their billable amounts.

  • Tracking time via bot commands on Slack and Microsoft Teams

    Error-free timesheets

    Track time across devices and platforms

    Your team can easily manage timesheets via mobile, tablet, desktop, or bot commands on Slack and MS Teams. Experience real-time synchronization of all data, ensuring accurate and updated data.

  • Export files in XLS or CSV

    Effortlessly export reports

    Export reports in XLS or CSV format

    Effortlessly export timesheet reports in XLS or CSV formats, ensuring seamless compatibility and easy data analysis or sharing.

    Export timesheets
  • Set up permissions per groups

    Tailored access with customizable permissions

    Control time tracking settings with authorized access

    With customizable permissions, you can efficiently manage and adjust rules and restrictions to suit your team’s unique requirements.

  • Approve or reject timesheets

    Streamlined timesheet approval

    Sealed and secure: say goodbye to timesheet edits!

    Effortlessly lock in data by enabling managers to approve timesheets conveniently on the web or mobile, ensuring secure and final data without the possibility of further edits.

  • Jibble payroll tracking breakdown

    Payroll made simple

    Easily track and calculate time for payroll

    Save time and ensure accuracy by letting go of tedious calculation systems. With Xero timesheet integration, all tracked time seamlessly integrates directly into timesheets, offering automated calculations that effortlessly categorize hours into regular and overtime.

  • Jibble timesheet to invoices

    Transform detailed timesheets into invoices

    Convert time into revenue

    By syncing data between Jibble and Xero, essential information like payroll hours and invoice details seamlessly integrate. Xero timesheet integration empowers users to generate invoices in Xero using the precise payroll hours recorded within Jibble.

  • Mapping diagram showcasing data that is sent from Jibble to Xero and vice versa

    Securely send invoices directly to Xero contacts

    Never lose an invoice again

    Jibble’s integration with Xero lets you send invoices directly to your Xero contacts from Jibble, making billing hassle-free and ensuring your invoices reach the right recipients seamlessly.