100% FREE Time Tracking for Volunteers

Accurately track hours for volunteers. Choose a FREE forever plan or enjoy a 50% lifetime discount on all paid plans.

Time and Attendance App
  • Data syncing on the Jibble time and attendance tracking system. Track time on mobile, desktop or tablet.

    One time clock to track them all….

    Accurate time tracking for volunteers

    Track time by projects and activities to understand the impact of your efforts. With real-time insights, you can easily decide how to allocate your grant funding. 

    Project time tracker
  • Face recognition examples

    For secure attendance...

    Tap and go on a shared kiosk

    Volunteer attendance has never been easier. Turn any device into a time clock and know who’s in and who’s out with Jibble’s Kiosk attendance, made secure with advanced facial recognition. Pair your online kiosk with Speed mode for a lightning-fast attendance experience.

    Kiosk Attendance
  • A map displaying current locations of multiple employees

    Live Location Tracking

    Real-time insights to show where volunteers are

    Easily view volunteer locations with the tap of a button using Jibble’s GPS tracking. View traveled routes of volunteers that frequently update throughout the day or create geofences to assign specific locations to clock-in.

    How does GPS location tracking work?
  • Clock in reminder via push notifications and email

    Don't ever forget to jibble

    With automated reminders

    Stay on top of your check-ins with Jibble’s friendly automated reminders that ensure you log in for the day. And if you forget, you can always add your hours afterward.

    Enable push notifications
  • Piechart and export possibilities in XLS, CSV or PDF

    Know the details down to a T…

    Deep insights with advanced reporting

    Have valuable insights on time utilization trends, and project progress with visual charts and comprehensive reports to show patrons how funds are utilized.

    Reporting and Analytics
  • Jibble dashboard showcasing time tracked in graphs and piecharts


    We don’t want you to cut corners…

    Jibble makes time-tracking absolutely free! And if you want more, we offer a 50% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on all paid plans for nonprofits. Simply get in touch with our customer support team, send us your supporting documents, and let us help you pave the way to create a better world.

    Claim a 50% lifetime discount for non-profit time tracking.
  • Timesheet view on the mobile app

    Always on-the-go?

    Jibble’s mobile app lets you clock in from anywhere

    Even without an internet connection, you can easily track hours from any location using Jibble’s iPhone time tracker and Android time tracker.

  • Automatically calculate work hours and overtime

    Comprehensive timesheets

    Ensure accurate payroll every time

    Don’t let manual spreadsheets be the bane of your existence.  Jibble’s comprehensive timesheets accurately record all of your tracked hours. Export approved timesheets as XLS or CSV files or to your favorite payroll software for accurate work hour and overtime reimbursements. 

  • Setting up work schedules

    Set volunteer schedules

    As fixed or flexible as you need them

    Set up volunteer work schedules without a hassle. Easily adjust working hours, breaks, and rest days to accommodate volunteers working irregular hours. With Jibble’s PTO tracker, know who’s available and who’s not, so that you can coordinate with teams effortlessly.

  • Time tracking for enterprise

    Integrated with leading software

    Stay on top of your projects

    Seamless integrations with leading project management and HR software automate workflows so you focus on what matters the most—creating a positive impact.

  • Get onboarded quickly

    Have volunteers hop on

    With easy onboarding and live customer support 24/7

    Sign up today and send invites by email, SMS, or by sharing a link to volunteers for easy onboarding. Plus, our friendly customer support is always available round the clock to give you a hand.

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