Easy Time Tracking Within Slack

Jibble in, out, and check your times using our Jibble bot for Slack

A Macbook with Jibble for Slack

Jibble In & Out

Jibble In | Out
Jibble slash commands allow you to jibble in and out within seconds. Time is recorded when you jibble in and stops when you jibble out.

Screenshot of Jibble IN Slack

View Your Timesheets

/jibble times
Your team members can view time recorded throughout the week with this simple command.

Screenshot of weekly times in Slack

See Who’s Working

/jibble all

List out all the people that are working or when they were last working by using filters, i.e. /jibble all in and /jibble all out

Screenshot of all ins and outs in Slack

Get Notifications

When adding to Slack you can choose the channel to which all jibble in and out notifications will be posted. When jibbling in via the iOS kiosk app, a notification along with a selfie will be posted to Slack.

A selfie in Slack

List Out Your Day's Entries

/jibble log
Return a list of all your jibbles for the day and the total time recorded. You can use a filter, e.g. /jibble log -2 to get the previous days, so in this example it would be from 2 days ago

A Jibble log in Slack

Quick Feedback & Support

/jibble contact

Contact us with your feedback or if you need help with a feature. Our staff work around the clock and respond within hours or even minutes

Screenshot of Jibble feedback in Slack

Jibble is Free!  Let's Get Productive Today

To install the Jibble bot simply click the button below
Add to slack
Signup or login to your Jibble account and then add the Slack power-up.