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What is a time card?

A time card is used to record the start and end time of an employee’s working hours. Some time cards include lunch breaks which records employee’s meal break hours and deducts this from the total hours worked.


What is a time card calculator?

A time card calculator automatically works out employees’ total work hours from the information on a time card. Time card calculators can also be made in Excel but requires multiple formulas which could be time-consuming. Jibble’s online time card calculator helps eliminate these manual processes and automates the calculation process to ensure accurate total work hours.


How can a time card calculator help?

A time card calculator accurately computes the total worked hours of an employee and deducts the break hours. Time clock calculators help employers with accurate payroll processing and can also be used to calculate billable hours for invoicing clients.


How to use a time card calculator effectively?

Jibble’s time card calculator includes essential features that allow you to accurately track employee worked hours so you can manage time and calculate billable hours precisely. Scroll on for a step-by-step process of using Jibble’s time card calculator:


  • Step 1: Enter the essential details

Enter the name of the employee and select the date range you wish to record total worked hours for. If you need to reset the dates, simply click on clear and input your desired dates.

  • Step 2: Enter all the hours

Input your hours for the week into the time card calculator. Each day of the week is divided into rows. Add the respective start and end times for each day worked. Then, enter your break’s start and end times to add a break deduction.

  • Step 3: Select a start day

Choose the day in which your company’s working week starts on. Then, select fortnight if you need to calculate worked hours for two weeks instead of one and click on specify break to deduct break hours from total worked hours. Lastly, choose either a 24h format or 12h format for your times.

  • Step 4: Decide a rounding option

Scroll down to the regulations compliance section and select a rounding option that best suits your company’s payment policies. For more information on each type of regulation, hover over the question marks.

  • Step 5: Enter the hourly rate

Input the hourly rate and currency into the base pay rate field. If you don’t need to calculate billable hours, uncheck the box for calculate pay.

  • Step 6: Enter the overtime details

Choose when overtime should start, whether that be after 8 hours per day or after 40 hours per week. Uncheck the box for calculate overtime if you don’t need to calculate overtime hours. Then, input the overtime rate to be multiplied. Once all relevant details have been entered, you’ll see an accurate calculation of your weekly work hours.

  • Step 7: Print or export the data

You can print your time card or download your time card in CSV format. If you need to add a note to your time card, select the checkbox for “Add a note to print” and input the details. To save the time card as a PDF file, click on Print and under “Destination”, select Save as PDF, and click Save. You’re done!


If you need other types of online calculators, we have it!

Jibble’s FREE work time calculator or timesheet calculator has all you need to accurately calculate timesheet hours quickly and easily. Ideal for employers or individuals seeking an automated solution to manage your business. 


Are you looking for more than a time card calculator?

The time card calculator above is great for businesses with a few employees, but it may not be ideal for growing SMEs or enterprises. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution, why not try Jibble, the ultimate 100% FREE timesheet solution which does all your employee time tracking for you. Try out our free trial to get tracking and have powerful reports generated whenever you need them.Time tracking software on web browser and mobile phone


Or looking for timesheet templates?

Our 100% FREE printable timesheet templates allow you to calculate employees’ worked hours and overtime on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly basis. Use the templates online via Google Docs or Google Sheets or download them in Excel, PDF or Word format, ready to be filled in! Free timesheet template