100% FREE Employee Monitoring Software for Windows

Non-intrusive employee monitoring software for Windows. Gain real-time insights into employee activities, free forever for unlimited users.

Screenshot capture on Windows desktops and laptops with Jibble's desktop time tracker
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  • Track time directly from the Windows menu bar

    Effortless tracking

    With a few simple clicks

    Experience the ease of tracking work hours directly from your Windows desktop. Simply launch Jibble’s app from your operating system’s taskbar for easy access without interrupting your tasks.

    Desktop time tracking app
  • Sync time entries automatically across all platforms

    Cross-platform sync

    One click to track them all

    Easily switch between web, mobile and desktop apps. Jibble automatically synchronizes all time-related data across platforms, so you don’t have to juggle separate systems.

  • Web app timesheet overview tab

    Automated timesheets

    Work smarter, not longer

    Jibble automatically generates accurate timesheets based on real-time data. Plus, tracked hours are instantly categorized into regular and overtime hours, freeing up your time for more productive tasks.

    Timesheet app
  • Screenshot capture on Windows desktops and laptops with Jibble's desktop time tracker

    Real-time screen capturing

    No spying, only transparency

    No more asking what someone was working on – with a single click, you can easily see work as it happens. Understand progress, identify potential roadblocks, and dive deep into productivity – all without leaving your chair.

    Time tracking software with screenshots
  • Different settings such as flexible, moderate, strict and custom

    Customize settings for different groups

    Screenshots at your discretion

    Choose to enable screen capture for the entire organization or only for specific groups, so you focus on those that require closer attention while respecting the privacy of others.

  • Lock a user to a device

    Built in privacy features

    Build trust, not break them

    Jibble automatically blurs captured screenshots, respecting privacy while providing a broader picture of progress. Get insights into what your team is working on without getting lost in the details. 

  • Clocking out in offline mode via desktop

    Work never stops, even when offline

    Clock in, out and take breaks while offline

    Track time on Windows without an internet connection, enabling tracking online and offline. Once back online, data is automatically synced to ensure no productivity crumb falls through the cracks.

    Offline attendance app
  • Track app usage on Windows desktops and laptops with Jibble's desktop time tracker

    Robust activity tracking

    Beyond surface-level insights

    Gain insights into website visits, application usage, and even keyboard strokes while employees are on the clock for a deeper understanding of employee activities. Feature coming soon!

  • Export files in XLS or CSV

    Comprehensive reports

    Understand your team's performance like never before

    Generate detailed reports on time allocation, productivity trends and attendance patterns. Filter data by group, activity or project to understand your team’s dynamics in a way you never have before.

    Reporting and analytics
  • Facial recognition software in Jibble combined with speed mode

    So much more than just employee monitoring

    All you need in one platform

    Jibble is packed with features that go beyond traditional monitoring, such as project tracking, face recognition, GPS tracking, and PTO tracking, making Jibble the ultimate time and attendance tool for optimizing team productivity.

    Time and attendance software
  • Invite team members via email, SMS or links

    Get your team onboard in minutes

    Skip the onboarding headaches

    Invite team members via email, SMS, or a link, and Jibble takes care of the rest. Need a hand? Our friendly support team is always there to answer questions and ensure a smooth transition.

    Get started NOW!